Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 357

I spent most of this day asleep. Dinner was Chinese and my evening was spent nothing nothing productive, which was fine. Some icy tangerines, internet, webcomics and reading the way holidays should be. Oh, and a new rule to add to the growing list.
Rule 36 – Booty calls are only valid for eight (8) hours after they are made.
So on a completely unrelated note, I’m a fan of table top rpg’s. I’ve played a few campaigns under different settings and rather enjoy the CoC system. My time spent with dnd is biased as the dm had us in a completely custom world, but it was loads of fun. I’m sitting here under my lovely blanket thinking of how to spin this story I’m thinking of. So why not do what I’ve done before and smash projects together? While I enjoy playing table tops, I’ve run a few, so why not run another? Only this one will be of my making. In the same way my old dm took what he liked and made the rest, I’ll do the same.
So some thoughts on the matter. Character builds, combat approach, settings, magic, system builds. Woo.

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