Sunday, February 25, 2007

#29 Evening thoughts

good time on this one. speeds getting to within a dooable time. ill shoot for wensday/thursday for the next one. -A

Saturday, February 24, 2007

#28 Jak-oo's odd

Next one soon ^^ had a good few days , thursday was half day and work, friday was late start and enjoyable evening, saturday was relaxing day and quite fun evening, and hopefully sundauy will be good as well. -A

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

#27 Valentine's love is anything coco

well, this is wher ei should be explainng the giant abscence, but, i feel that my saying all that has happened would take far too long and by the end ill have to cut off from by kick to the groin from CAPTAIN PLANET!! ahem. anywho, the coles notes goes like this
-xmas, tons happen, pc screen pixels inverted and made comicing bitchy.
-after it was fixed (mid january) exams started up for me, which were important as they go to university marks (joy)
-after exams i started on some way to make the comic simpler yet still fun to make.
- the mass doodles and projects that im doing influenced further doodles and teh result is something shown above (projects of hikidasu writing, mih screenplay writing, scott pilgrim reading, book skimming galore[havent *finished* a book in ages, and it sucks] )
- the full conversion wil be when i get the character formats for all 7 characters (atethrie, matt, crimson, michel, roy, zack and jak-oo).
-ive got a general for atethrie, crimson, michel and jak-oo, and heads on all of them, but i need to do the details, and teh final, so that it looks good to my eye (blind though it may be)
-so all in all im going to try to put them out more

So, thats pretty much whats going on, work and school take up time, but im starting to focus on main things rather then giant amounts of splinters, so hopefully i can get some formats done, as well as some more comics. also, i was playing with a tablet in photoshop the other day and was working on some art so i may post some of that as a dead day if i get it done.

sleep well hrough all the snow, -A

Monday, February 12, 2007

#26 It visited the Academy...

new one up, tons happening, will rant later, and explain, but bio gets to be read now. all else wheni have time ^^ -A