Sunday, June 25, 2006

Third of the putting off- J.A.

kk im really happy about this sketch, its of Jeph Andonots, a char i made for a roleplay im doing, which ill probly spin off into a short story, so yeah, i really like this one....-A

Ninja of our World #2

well this is the h4X0R N1NJ4, and if you dont get it, then your not nearly enough of a nerd. i was toying with a caption, but i decided, meh, just apreciate the linkage of screens, and his nifty wrist pda controller -A

Ninja's of our world #1

This is the first of a small series of sketches, called Ninja's of our World, which, tak ea guess, our some of the random ninjas you might find on your day to day life so yes, enjoy.-A


Argh! yes schools finally done( though summer schools coming real fast) and tons else is happening, but im mainly annoyed at the momment that i have 4 comics half to 3/4 done, and put off. what i do have is three highly done sketchs(the last of which i did the most work on, its kinda obvious...) so thatll hold for a bit, i promise ill have atleast 10 comics total by end of summer, i swear to god. also, hopefully a new business card.


Monday, June 05, 2006

tsk, work and yeah

arrgh so ive been insanely busty recently, and tryongt to find a sever for an actual site has been none the better as well. tons has happened, anime north was kick ass for a first time show and i came away with a new boken. i have about a dozen comics roghly sketched out in the margins of many of my note books, and one thats actually damn close to completion, but not tonight as i have massive chem test tomorw and must return to studying or i shall fail test and then exam and then weep and sob my self to sleep and that shall be the sum total of my life . Any way....

so yes tons happening, into n-game now, as well as ffvii (pc crack) and the blessed bloney money which came out a week or so ago! w00t! yes im tired, must sleep passed out last thrusday so i need my sleep back, ttyall later? too tired to smack myself for that comment or to reach to the backspace key.... its so far away....