Friday, August 18, 2006

Here is a new post. This one is done by "Zeus" and since Atethrie is away camping the comment is also written by Zeus. So ya, here is the new comic and whoever reads it hope you like it. And just so you know i am agnostic so god does not scare me. Sorry.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

#14 So, so far north

w00+! i'm off up north if the comic wasnt clear enough, which means i want be posting anything up for a couple of weeks, but Zeus will! so he'll be putting a few up and yeah. i'm gonna have a great time, in the bleak of ontario... sob. meh, im not emo enough to whine creatively. heh. have a good time, ill be back in 2 weeks! ta -A

Sunday, August 13, 2006

#13 Cleaning up

Well tons has happened, and first off, happy b-day Zeus! next, sorry this one was several days late, turns out alot piles up, and colour comics are long to do, though im definitly getting better at them, i decided not to shade this one, cause at the end i realised it looked better without. the boxes took me a day to figure out how to do, but now that i know, tis all good, expect more colour in the future, proly once a month, which makes it about one every 5 ish. anywho, ill try to put anothe rup before i leave for the barren north (thursday) which means one more, and then some guest strips! anyone who wants to do one give me a shout.
ta -A

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It'll be up tomorow,atethrie's gotta wake up before 1pm tomrorow

sorry it cant go up tonight, but ive realised that better looking comics actually take time, and seeing as i need to be up tomorow at an early hour to make a phone call, i need to sleep before 5 like i did last night, cause of # 12. so, next ones called Clean Up, and itll be out tomorow ish, and may even be in colour! astounding i know. im still playing with things and tweaking looks till i find something that i like and fits my style. i still like the sketched look, but the pen with sketched shade is also nice, and if i can get some shading and clenaing learned for photoshop, then ill do more colour ones. yeah, thats my rant for the night, i go sleep soon,
ta -A

# 12 Matt in Colour

first try with colour and shading, and it turned out decently, not to mention, matt looks decent, this is the 4th gen of matt, and hopefully ill be able to bring everybody else into 4th as well. decided to hold off on saga for a week or so, another idea struck, so going with that, its 5 in the morning, i have to be up in several hours, sleep now, an actual comic later today or early tomorow -A

also, anyone who sais webcomics are easy to do should try it at 5 am.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

#11 Jeph Exits

Couple of things. firstly, an apology for not drawing an actual comic for today, but something small instead. jeph, the guy with the breifcase and the silenced pistol, is from an storyspeak/rpg that i did a while ago. Jeph Andonots is from a parrallel universe in which Earthbound took place( earthbound is a game i dearly love, old, snes, ya) from which im going to be writing a small story off of. kinda a dark future of earthbound, like american mcgee's alice. two other sketches ive done of jeph are here . another goes up either tomorow or wensday,

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

# 10 Musical Heritage

I'm feeling like I'm going to start into the 3-5 peice saga thingee i had planned for 3 strips back, so next one ll be up sunday or before, the one after that, up an hour later cause its already done, cept for some minor tweaking, sleep well -A