Friday, April 27, 2007

#34 Good combo (end of Npc'ed)

so happy birthday to the many many people who have them in time now soon ish. i got some fun things as youve might of guessed... so ya, ive got a semi working machine, ill try to update more. ive got scripts for 5 done already, sketches for 3 and panels for 1. somewhat good start, more later.

enjoy the weekend!


Friday, April 06, 2007

#33 april 7th.JPG

theres a reason why i use text boxes... my quick scrawl above is reason enough i feel. this has got to be the quickest thing ive done in memorable time, simply because i had so much else to do yet i still wanted to post. i hope the bitterness doesnt come through that strongly.. god im hungry... anywho, i had time enough to throw in text boxes when i was porting onto a school pc so that was kinda ok. despite it all, im not pleased though. hand was off or something, things didnt want to pull together. plus no inking so you see the miserabel base sketchying..quite sketchy... wow.. ok im going to go find food cause its destroying my ability to talk without puns. a better one soon. ish


Sunday, April 01, 2007

#32 Npc - 2 - At the Scifair

this would be the second of the npc (not pc'd) which i did yesterday during the scifair. we went for a very simplictic board dipslay (though not as simplistic as shown above). no medals which means my immunity to physics work ends and i have to do work again. alas. also, i found out that its impossible to win uless you have a project name over 4 words. we had a one word project (go simple!) so it was shot down from the start i feel. meh. didnt even look at mail last night, i probly should...

for those who dont know the reference to the pacman pie chart, i show it below.


#31 Npc - 1

well after a month of so much stuff, i decided to stop holding out for my pc to work (get a mac) so im straight posting without anything done to it. i dont know how many of these ill do but i promise, when i get a working pc with photoshop, ill fix them up good and proper. and if anyone cant get my scribbling font then ill try redoing it.

if you didnt get the ps, then go to . i lost. ^^