Thursday, March 01, 2007

#30 Sci-fair '07

i finished this esterday, but due to the needing to finish the scifair report (of epic length and quality., ish) the posting got put off. i still dated it for today though, so meh. awsome day for the most every. i got 3 hours sleep last night (not a good thing) i woke on time, went to a geo lecture (mostly dull, did get some rest though) went to work, 7/30ish showed up so the session was used to make props (w00+) walked to sister's place for dinner( wicked cold and icy, my pants were soaked fromthe knees down, i kid you not) had an awsome time of dinner and after with her and some of her friends (calvin, pam, tim, then 2 others came in for a bit, then ian as i was leaving). came home, all is good pretty much. ive got the day off tomorow, so might go out see movie, might see someone in the evening if i can hook it up. if nothing else, then ill spend some time on sat with another friend. W00+!!!!