Saturday, January 28, 2006

Two Poems by AFRIEND

Here are two poems by a friend, enjoy. - A

Hanging from a hollow tree,
A rag doll sits and swings.
Tiny tears run down her face,
As she stares at her tangled strings.
Forgotten dreams gather around,
Drowning her in her pain.
Thick black thread hold her lips,
As her soul begins to drain.
Trapped within her body,
Spinning around with ache.
Lost inside her own mind,
She finds that she is fake.
Cloth covers her insides,
Deep down she has no heart.
A worthless pieces of fabric,
Slowly being teared apart.
The end has already come and gone,
She has taken her final fall.
The truth is shown,
now she can rest...
Forever a forgotten doll.


What's the Point?
What's the point of trying,
When all you do is wrong?
What's the point of crying,
When no one hears your song?
What's the point of love,
When nothing goes your way?
What's the point of effort,
When you can't take another day?
What's the point of memories?
They all will fade away,
What's the point of sensitivity?
You'll just get called gay...
What's the point of happiness?
It lasts only a short time,
What's the point of sadness?
It just ruins your life.
What's the point of seeing?
When everything's a lie?
What's the point of believing?
When all you ask is why?
What's the point of life?
Filled with pain and strife,
And what's the point of me?
Filled with sadness and misery.

An Evolved Rant.

Why is school as it is? Are we too ignorant as a mass to learn by living, rather then reading about life? Why can’t I go live of the land to learn what nature is and how the earth works? Why do I need to take bio, geo and home ec if I can go live in the wilderness and do the same, infinitely better and have a good time that truly challenges me?

Why must I be forced to listen how to draw a line that connects to another to make a picture that someone sees as beautiful? Can I not look at the world, mimic what I love and try to reproduce it as I see fit? Why do I need something like art class to tell me what I like?

Why should I be forced to listen and waste my time and life to things that will serve me never? Will waiting for a piece of paper that tries to explain myself to me be a productive use of my life? Will listening to someone who knows more try and conform me to a class, career, political viewpoint, will that make me better then I would be if I simply spent some time looking at myself? Am I not good and smart enough to be the judge of what’s best for my interests?

Will living the life you’ve set down before me make you happy? Will my becoming another statistic in your eyes please you? Can I then do what I want with my life? No? I have to follow rules that do nothing? That grinds away at the sanity that was? Does being the only sane one in a crazy world make you twisted and warped? Yes? Society has failed to tolerate me, and I have failed to tolerate society.

I am no consumer, I am not the one you are looking for, I will not by the things around me, momentary bliss that turns to useless junk. I will not be controlled by your marketing. You think people like me; we think we want the whole world? If you don't know what you want, you end up with a lot you don't. May I never be content. May I never be complete. May I never be perfect. May I never buy what you sell. May I live how I see fit.

I buy the thing you tell me to. You say I should tell myself, this is the last thing you'll ever need in your life, no matter what else goes wrong, you've got the thing issue handled. Then the right set of clothes. Then the right home. The job. The life. You tell me, this is how you’re supposed to live; this is what your life is about, the purpose, to be a consumer in the gears of the world, a world that shows no mercy, kindness, memory or caring.

But I will not buy what you say to, I have Lived. I have seen how good this life of mine can be. I have watched the wave of people go past as I watch from my perch on the rock. The river of the damned, the people of the masses that go through life, living as if tomorrow will come. They may be long gone but the day will rise. Yes, the day will rise, but the sun will have forgotten your shadow, the earth will have rejected you being, you will fall and never pick yourself up. But I shall not. I shall live each as if it were my last. You think I am insane, messed in the head? I am sane enough to know you are not always my friend. You are there when it suits you, but not when I need you the most. But I live. I am me. Not the word, I am me.

And you shall never see, or hear or feel another like me.

I am the one you seek. You, the master of propaganda and media. But why me? I am not out to harm you. I am not out to be your adversary; it is neither my will nor purpose. I wish to live my life to the fullest. Every joy and bliss, every pain and torment. My scars show my life for what it is, not what a preacher spouts to console people who thought they knew me. But still, why do you hate me so? How have I earned your eternal wrath?

Ahh. The clouds part. You seek order out of the chaotic beauty. If you could, you would digitize the sunset to move it to where and when, at your convenience. That is why you pursue me. I am a light in your Black ordered world. I am what you hide from. I see the World as part of me. I embrace your Hell as my Heaven. I as the candle flame you try to blow out. And you name me so. I am the Adversary from the South, the fire ever lasting. I am the Morning Star from the East, whose light fills the air. I am the Independent Earth of the North, ever without master. I am the Deep Sea of the West, the great serpent you try to fish, only to destroy yourselves. You have named me such, and so I am. You call me a Heretic of Society. I merely live in your world and my own.

This is why you must condemn me. You do not understand my Way. You fear me, what I might do, what I represent. You shall not rest until you have purged the Change from your system, by any means necessary.

I do not fear your persecution, but what I might not accomplish with your interference. I am afraid of myself, the power inside, the confidence around, the urge and will to do great things. This is why I bound myself. That is why I refrain from announcing my message and my Way to the world, which is why I try to become a shadow in the crowd. But I am neither a shadow nor the crowd. If I choose to, I can become a wraith; one of those who meld the world to their whim, as they know law that you set is corrupt. It is now decadent, filled with loopholes and roundabouts to allow yourselves the joys you have denounced.

It is unfortunate for you that I will not bend to your will easily.

Numb my legs,
Bind my arms,
It will never
Do me harm.

Drug my mind,
Blind my sight,
It will never
End the fight.

Twist and warp,
Till I am tamed,
But what you seek,
Shall not be gained.

You battle to have
My life retaught
You will never
Straighten my thought

Carve my body,
Crack the stone,
I am whole,
Never alone.

I will fight,
Until death apart,
For I will never
Loose my heart.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I love earthbound (archaic stoned snes game) to the point that ive wriiten many a thing, own the original cartridge and guide, so its about time i put something up. here is an ancient article putting up some of the mysteries. if you dont get it, go play the game. Say: FUZZY PICKLES!!! - A

Mysteries of Earthbound

Giygas is one of the most mysterious and least-mentioned characters in all of EarthBound, but he also plays one of the biggest roles. Pokey, the devil's advocate, takes the spotlight and does most of the dirty work. So what do we know about Giygas for fact? Here are a few things:
· Giygas is called the 'universal cosmic destroyer'. From this we can assume that he's taken over / destroyed other planets besides Earth.
· Giygas has been around and has waged war on the Earth before. We know this because of the text inscribed on the heiroglyphs: "To fight against the invaders, we built this pyramid fortress. However, our efforts were futile, and we lost. Nonetheless, our pyramid was protected by the gods of Scaraba. The invaders will be reborn every millennium and will attack again. Even now, the invaders hide beyond time and space and build their evil stronghold. A place out of time is beyond the Dark, and is even further beyond the Lost Underworld." Thanks to for reminding me of this quote.
· He can change forms, and can manipulate things (like human beings and animals) to act like he wants them to. He's got a fleet of other monsters, minions, and robots (like the Starmen) at his disposal.
· He can't be physically beaten. By this I mean that you couldn't beat him with a bat and kill him, unless you had a LOT of time on your hands and even more food :) As EarthBound shows us, Giygas could only be beaten by the power of Paula's and many other people's prayers.
So this is all we know for sure about Giygas. Here are a few things that are generally assumed about Giygas, but we can't really prove:
Giygas is somehow controlling Pokey. There are lots of sub-ideas to this:
-Giygas is simply controlling Pokey's mind. This may or may not be true. One could say that Giygas couldn't be controlling Pokey because, once Giygas was destroyed, Pokey remained evil. To argue that, we could say that Giygas's evil influence over Pokey was so great that Pokey went beyond the point of no return. So he couldn't simply revert back to his normal self after Giygas was destroyed.
-Giygas isn't controlling Pokey's mind, he has totally replaced Pokey's former self with an evil consciousness. I suppose this is possible, but I like the first theory better.
-Giygas has totally switched places with Pokey. This is an excellent theory, but I can't remember who presented it to me. Anyways, here's the idea: At some point in the game, Giygas transferred himself to Pokey's body, and transferred Pokey's consciousness to the form that Ness battles at the end of the game. This may sound strange and rather unfounded, but if you remember during the final battle, Giygas repeatedly calls Ness's name and does other strange things that you wouldn't associate with a planet-destroying alien. This shows that Pokey may have been trying to alert Ness to the fact that Giygas was actually in Pokey's body. The thing that makes this theory so good is that, if he was really in Pokey's body, Giygas escaped to another universe, making a sequel very possible :)
· Giygas is the same alien that appeared in EarthBound Zero / Mother. Here's an opinion from EBounding about the possibility that 'Giegue' and 'Giygas' are the same alien, with a poorly translated name:
· The main connection is in Mother 1. Giygas kidnapped Ness's great grandparents, George and Maria. When they were kidnapped, Maria began to love a certain alien (Giygas), but he hated her song for some reason...meanwhile, George stole "vital information" from the aliens. This was the study of PSI. I guess George fled somehow, but either his wife didn't make it, or she wanted to stay with Giygas. Well, I guess once the aliens realized that the information about PSI was stolen from them, and was being used by George, they got angry. Therefore, they probably sent Maria to Magicant (it represents her love, that Ness is able to access). However, George continued his study on PSI so his descendants would know it, because he knew that Giygas would be after the descendants. He also built a robot named EVE to protect his descendent. When the aliens arrive back at Earth 80 years later, they begin to wreak havoc by altering the minds of people, and abducting and killing parents. Finally, Ness and his friends cause Giygas to retreat. But he comes back for revenge in 199X. That's mainly why he didn't play that big of a role in EarthBound, because he already did a lot of destruction last time. And Giygas' (and his nation's) attempt last time was to just destroy Ness, and use the abducted people as hostages. But in EarthBound, I think he was more power crazed for the entire world.
There is also the 'Apple of Enlightenment', which predicts the outcome of the final battle before it happens. We don't know what this apple thing is, since its only mentioned a few times in the game (thanks to BriCkrOad for sending me a few more and getting the actual texts):
-The Starman Deluxe
"You’re much stronger *whirrr* than our intelligence indicated…We were not *beep* prepared for that eventuality…The prophecy from the *click* Apple of Enlightenment may be true…but you must not *whirrr* underestimate us."
-At Magicant
"Giygas’ goal is to destroy you. Listen carefully! Everything in the universe could be destroyed at the hands of Giygas. But he and his followers are also in trouble. The Apple of Enlightenment has foretold that Giygas’ attempt will fail. It is because of the existence of a boy named Ness.""…That’s me!""Listen. Free your mind and KNOW what you must do! Your destiny has already been decided.""You…I…where should we go?" "You know deep within the reaches of your mind…""S…Sat…Saturn…Saturn Valley…""Yes…Go to the valley where the Mr. Saturn live…You’ll get something new there. Soon, Magicant will be no more. We must be quick!" "Ness really heard his own voice. Go to Saturn Valley! Go to Saturn Valley now!"
-The Final Battle
Pokey says that "...the Apple of Enlightenment has already made a prediction…But I won’t let what the Apple of Enlightenment predicted take place..." and "The Apple of Enlightenment couldn't predict this."
Apparently, this 'Apple of Enlightenment' has predicted that Ness and his friends win the battle. Of course they do, so the Apple of Enlightenment can't simply be another name for Giygas, because Giygas wouldn't predict his own destruction. Is it possible we'll see the return of the Apple of Enlightenment along with the return of Pokey in the upcoming EarthBound? Possibly the return of Giygas, assuming the theory of Giygas switching places with Pokey is true?
Here are some opinions that have been mailed in.
Dr. Andonuts -
My friend Steve and I think that Giygas cast shyness over the tenda because Giygas didn't want them to tell Ness and co. about him or the AOE, because they may have found out secret information on him and the AOE. Giygas sent the Starman Deluxe to capture innocent civilians and the Apple Kid because he had the shyness book, and for some weird apparent reason, Giygas didn't want the Tendas to speak or let Ness and co. to the lost underworld. We don't think Giygas would let them make the sound stone dissapear and make Ness more powerful, powerful enough to beat Giygas and bring peace to the world for now...
Kevin -
The AoE (Apple of Enlightment) is not a thing nor a legend passed down from generation to generation. The AoE is an Idea. The AoE has much to do with Mother 1. It was Passed from the first game to the second. If in fact Giegue is Giygas the AoE was started with the creation of Giegue. When Giegue was born to it's alien parents, it was not the cosmic destroyer... Or it didn't know it was. AoE (the idea) was created and predicted to George warning him. Thus George became the Apple of Enlightment. We all understand why "Enlightment" is used. Enlightment is a term meaning higher than the state of mind. A sentance we might use enlightment is would be: God is enlightened. Now you get the idea. Why apple is used I will try to decribe. Even though I am not so sure myself. An apple is a common fruit. The color it is most known for is red, and it's seeds are in the center. Because the apple is a common fruit this means the AoE is a common thing. The AoE exists every Millenium, when ever Giygas appears. One millenium is a short time in legends that have been passed down in different countrys. Red, the color of an apple is a primary color. This means the AoE is needed for all things to work. And keep Giygas from winning. Last, because the apple's seeds are in the center. This means that only the people who are ancestors of George, Giegue, or people who are helping the chosen ones can hear the "idea" (AoE) or write it for that matter. Now back to the theory. George recieved this "idea" and wrote it in his journal. This is why only people who have PSI or who are helping the people with PSI can read or hear it. When Maria drove Giegue to put her in Magicant he bacme the Cosmic destroyer. This is when the sound stone was created. This is why only the chosen ones can hear the song of Maria and enter Magicant. When Maria heared her song and left Magicant her song was again spread across the earth and Magicant was closed into the Sound Stone. When Giegue was destoryed by the chosen ones (three boys and one girl) he was forced to insanity. This is when he became obsessed with power. The AoE predicts that every millenium Ancestors of the chosen ones will defeat Giygas. I think in some way Giygas was a term used in Scarabia (in the game) which means "Total Destroyer". If Pokey switched places with Giygas I am not sure. I believe that Giygas can never be destroyed unless Maria's song is played to him again. This is why Buzz Buzz said the sound stone is the only thing that can destroy Giygas, because it contains Maria's song. But because the chosen one, the one who had the Sound Stone, was a decendant of Maria he was transported to Magicant a place made only of the dreams of him and his ancesstors. Thus the AoE is ever watching for when Maria's song will destroy Giegus. And why the Idea will never die.
ANTEBwizDx -
The part of Pokey becoming Giygas was an excellent theory, one which I came up with a long time ago. Listen: When Giygas gained ALL that power, he destroyed his physical self, he became the embodiment of evil. Now, notice: Everyone EXCEPT pokey turns back to normal when Giygas was destroyed, now since Giygas is no longer a Physical being, its possible that Pokey was Posessed by Giygas during or after the battle. Remember how Buzz Buzz Said Giygas was terrorizing the future? Well, when Pokey mails you that letter at the end of the game, its from the future as stated in the Players Guide. What if Ness and crew didn't CHANGE the future, they just helped it along? As in, when Giygas was Terrorizing the world, he was in Pokey's body? It makes sense if you think about it, giygas couln't take over the world as the embodiment of evil, he needed a Physical body (Pokey), and now that he has one, he went to the future and as Buzz Buzz said, he's ripping the place up. Remember: EarthBound 64 is supposed to take place 10 years after Mother 2, The EXACT time Giygas was taking over as said by Buzz Buzz. I think that it's possibly the most logical and possible theory.
That pretty much starts an entirely new theory, but one thats like many of the others. No one can be sure which of these varied 'Giygas is Pokey' theories is true, but we know that its one of them, and we'll find out when EB64 is released.
I think Giygas used the AoE in the future to foresee that someone from the past was going to try to stop him. So with his army stationed all around the world, he fled to a cave in the past where he hoped the four couldn't find him. I think the AoE is a device of some sort that can predict an outcome. And, as for the Pokey-swicheroo-with-Giygas theory, I can prove otherwise. At the end of the game, Pokey calls Ness spanky, if u can remember, so does Master Belch. So I think it is a sort of influence, rather than switching minds.
Thats very possible. The new evidence from the Heiroglpyhs supports that, since we see that Giygas has built a stronghold in the Cave of the Past.
Actually, the Apple of Enlightenment could be considered to be somewhere like the End of Time in Chrono Trigger, and Buzz-Buzz is merely the corporeal form of it, or a messenger or something like that. It could be a "thing", for lack of a better word, that has experienced everything, and knows what will happen. Of course, there's a lot of possibilities..
I tend to think of the AoE as something more tangible. I find myself thinking of a shiny metal or crystal apple that floats and does other weird things that only an enlightened apple would do :)
In EBz Giygas knew the main hero, and said that his great grandfather George stole secrets from Giygas. I believe that was PSI, and that George was the Apple of Enlightenment. He got that name because he passed the secret of PSI down to his descendants.
This is a possibility. It would explain the 'Enlightenment' part, since George would understand more of the aliens once he knew PSI. The 'Apple' part still remains a mystery, though. Maybe George was an ancestor of the Apple Kid, making Ness a distant relative of the Apple Kid? ;)
You said that the Apple of Enlightenment sounded familar? Well, I looked up Apple in the dictionary and I found some words that sound sort of like the apple: Apple of Sodom: Described by ancient writers as a fruit that looks good to the eye, but turns out to be nothing but smoke and ashes when plucked.Apple of Discord: Greek legend. A golden apple inscribed "For the fairest" thrown by the goddess of discord in a meeting of the gods. Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera forthwith claimed it, and in return for Aphrodite's promise to him that he might have Helen, the fairest of women, Paris awarded it to Aphrodite. This dispute and the decision of Paris led to th Trojan war. (This sounds rather odd. Oh well, that's Greek mytholgy for you.) Hope this helps.
Well, its hard telling if the EB storyline creators were using Greek mythology. It is an extremely popular source of names for games, servers, companies, etc... You'll find Greek mythology everywhere you look. As Tomato points out, there's even Greek mythology in EarthBound, in the use of symbols for the different levels of PSI attacks (Alpha, Beta, Sigma, Omega).
Giampi -
The theories about the Apple of Enlightenment can vary. Who knows if this 'Apple' is really something tangible? For all we know, it could stand for whatever is written in past records. Remember that it was prophetized that Ness and co. would defeat Giygas. So maybe the Apple of Enlightenment is just another way of saying 'written legends' (a colloquial slang of some sort--aliens have culture too, you know). And as for the time travel, it is a definite possibility that Giygas came and trashed the Earth in the future, forcing Buzz Buzz to travel back in time to warn Ness. For all we know, the prophecy doesn't obey the rules of linear time (the prophecy could be "Giygas thrashes Earth and someone from the past will defeat him") and space.
Now you're getting into the deep stuff. I did a paper on the space-time continuum a few months ago, but if I started talking about that, I'd never stop :) Anyways, to sum it up, time travel is HORRIBLY complex, and since it hasn't been figured out yet, we won't worry about it. But your ideas about the future destruction almost have to be true, because Ness wouldn't be around to save it if it happened before his time (count on me to state the obvious :)
Aziz -
When Buzz Buzz joins you for a short period of time, he mentions that he is 10 years from the future. and then as soon as you battle Star man Jr he says that Giygas sent him from ten years in the future. While at the end of the game, you go ten years into the past instead of the future to battle giygas. That seems mysterious, dosent it?
My only guess to this one is that you're traveling back in time because Giygas needs to be destroyed before he destroys the earth. If you were to go forward in time, Giygas would have already done the damage. So in order to keep him from even starting the destruction, you must destroy him in the past. The Japanese version of Mother 2 may tell us otherwise, though. Keep your eyes on Tomato's Mother 2 to EarthBound and Back Again to find out anything that may have been changed by NOA during translation.
Starman Sr. -
I don't think the "Apple Of Enlightenment" is any special term made up by Shigesato to add to the drama of the game or something like that, because I am pretty sure that I have either heard of or heard this term or phrase mentioned sometime in my life. What I mean is, the "Apple Of Enlightenment" could be a legend or something, because in the beginning of the game, Buzz Buzz said " In ancient times, writings tell of three boys and a girl, who defeat Giygas" this means that this wasn't the first time that Giygas tried to invade Earth, meaning that Giygas tried to invade Earth hundreds of years ago (and several times, I might add) and each time, three boys and a girl or "The Chosen Ones" have defeated Giygas. This means that over generations, Giygas has tried to invade Earth, only to be defeated by the "chosen ones". Because this has happened so many times, there is an automatic assumption that each time Giygas tries to invade earth, he can and will fail in his attempt or as it's worded in the game, the "Apple of Enlightenment's prediction". Also, before the final battle, when Pokey mentions the "Apple of Enlightenment" he says it has made a prediction, which is the fact that Giygas will be defeated by three boys and a girl, aka, Ness and Co. He also says that he will not let that take place, because it is Giygas' destruction and it is inevitable. But how does Pokey know this? There are two ways: Giygas told Pokey about this, or Giygas and Pokey really have switched places. If you don't understand this theory, or have had trouble understanding it, I am sorry because it is very hard to word.
The AoE seems like a familiar term to me too, for some reason. I really can't pinpoint it. I don't know about the defeat of Giygas every time he has invaded though. I always thought that this was the initial attack of Giygas, otherwise people wouldn't have been so surprised by it (as far as one can say that the people in EarthBound were 'surprised' by all the weirdness around them).
BriCkrOad -
Here are some of my opinions about the apple -- (1) It was used in the future, since the Starmen seem to be from the future (remember that first fight with the Starman Jr.?, Buzz Buzz said he came from 10 years in the future). However, it could have been the past, seeing as how Buzz Buzz knew the story of the 'Nightmare Rock' (Sound Stone) and how it would be 'shattered' (disappear after Magicant was no more) and said that it was an 'ancient' story. One thing I think is pretty clear though, the AOE was not used in the present.
I agree. I doubt the AoE was used in the present, but here's an argument. The fact that the Starmen are from the future is true, but it doesn't mean that the AoE was used in the future. The AoE could have been used a long time ago, and the Starmen would still know about it. Another possibility is that it was used 10 years in the past, when you travel to the cave of the past. If you think about it on a timeline, ten years in the past is the first time the AoE is talked about. Pokey talks about it in the Final Battle. But, then again, its also possible that Pokey and Giygas retreated to the Cave of the Past from the future, already knowing the prediction of the AoE. Thats a really tough subject :)

Hero essay

Heres a nifty essay published in the first annual ultimate spiderman, i really liked it so he it is - A

Annual Ultimate S-P 1
Hero Essay
My father. I don’t remember seeing his face- but because of my uncle, I will always remember his words.
That with Great power, there must also come great responsibility.

Heroes. The way I see it, when most people think of hero’s, they think of larger-then-life patriots. Men and women who have dedicated both their personal and professional lives to represent a symbol of hope to those whose life might seem hopeless.
A colourful embodiment of selflessness. But, of course, that’s not the only form a heroes life can take. There are so many places that our heroes can come from. So many worlds within our world. Worlds of magic. Worlds of technology. Worlds of intrigue. A world where a family of adventurer can bond together in the fight for the underdog.

And when speaking of the underdogs of society, one can’t help think of mutants. People whose entire existence is defined by their unique genetic birthright. And like every civil rights embattled minority before them, some mutants have come together using their celebrity and powers to help fight for their cause while others wade through life’s persecution and misunderstanding by attempting to live their everyday lives with nobility and grace.

But a noble soul can, whether they want to or not, find themselves on a warrior’s path. Sometimes I wonder if being persecuted and embattled because of who they are makes the choice of becoming a warrior predestined. Predetermined. And it’s the choices made there – when faced with the unthinkable- that defines them.
Because we do not live in a black-and-white world. Cliché, but true. We live in a world where around any corner an act of violence is waiting that can change your life forever. And whether we want to admit or not, it is at those times when we need someone who is willing to cross the line of what is technically, or morally, right or wrong.

But with that comes the risk that the world can become so dark and so compromised, that there can be no escape- no chance for happiness.

So in my search for the hero I most admire, in my search for the definition of what a hero is, the one thing I realize is that I will eventually have to make certain choices that will define me and my life. Or maybe I already have and just don’t even recognize them yet.
But I guess I don’t have to worry about it to much because of all the people in our everyday lives-in the news- in sports- in law enforcement- teachers- musicians- and yes, larger-then-life-superheroes- all the people who stand for something bigger then ourselves.
For me, only one man, a man I never met, has given me words to live by that I know I have to hold my life up to. I know they are the words that define a hero.
That with Great power, there must also come great responsibility.
And the man who told them to my departed uncle who told them to me…
…My father.

latin prayer

damn, ok, this is the thrid time ive rewritten this stupid pargraph. this is a death prayer thingee n latin for those who like it. - A

"Requiem aeternam dona eis,
Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Sion,
Et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem
Exaudi orationem meam
Ad te omnis caro veniet.
Requiem aeternam dona defunctis,
Domine.Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine
Et lux perpetua eis."

*The figure crosses himself*
"In Nomeni Patri, Et Fili, Et Spiritus Sancti. Amen"

Monday, January 23, 2006

What comes comes...

The fallen may only rise when those around have fallen further.
- Vol I

ok so im all for people being happy, in fact im one of the last people youll find to decry jooy , but sometimes people need to learn some fricken common sense. and whats behind all this, im in high school so its either drugs, sex, gambling, school politics, or school work. and the winner is ... SEX! once again it screws peoples lives over. i all for it if A) your smart about it, B) your safe avout it, C) your not fricken seducedor coercerced in any way into it. my problem is that i have like half a dozen people who are at the tipping point of sexual acitivities and they consider nothing of the reactions and effects that them opening their legs will have on their or others lives.

ok, first person. she is definitly the most naive girl that i know. shes not so much a friend as a semi good aquaintence, but ill use friend as its easyier to write. my friend, shes so naive that she actually is a harm to herself. i could go on and give many , many , MANY examples, but this is the story with her.

sometime two weeks ago she ended up playing spin the bottle and got her first kiss . two days later shes making out with the same guy. three days after that shes been felt up in the school drama office. 5 or so days after that (im not speaking of all the intermediate stuff, though it did happen) 2 days after that she gets a hand job from the same guy and feels him up . This would all be ok, if she actually knew what she was doing. unfortuneatly, she doesnt and basically does what he tells her to. The day after she went down on him on the bleachers of their high school while being felt up. the day after (thursday last now) it happens again, but he (the guy with her ) sais that he wants to see her after school to, quote "put something in her." the girl, naive as she is, doesnt know what this means really, more over she doesnt know the consequences, so she eagerly agrees, because it sounds fun.

she had planened to meet him and then he wouldve taken her away and screwed her brain out. she doesnt know what sex really is, so its pretty much rape. so luckily, the next is mommentairily better, its now after school, friday, my friend (who is friends more with my best friend then me) calls star and tells her what the guy sais. my best friend at which point tries to convince her not to fuck over her life (because if she didnt get knocked up, shed be dropped so fast the sweat would still be in the air, or worse, she would be cooerced to do this guy because my best friend did her guy (which is not the same thing as my best friend and her bf loved each other)

630-7ish ish friday , my friend (naive one) goes to the hospital to meet her guy. my best friend was going to the hospital with her older cousin ( they were going to visit a friend incidentily), spot the naive one waiting in the lobby. the cousin grabs my friend , literally by the wrist, and drags her off with them. the guy sees her being dragged away and runs to stop both my best friend and her cousin and threatens them, to which the cousin replies that "if you dont keep your hands off her, i'll break them." the security of the hospital escort the guy out of the place as he was screaming his head off. the naive girl gets taken home to her parents who have no idea of whats happeneing. my best friend and i have to explain most things to the naive one, her parents dont tell her shit so shes uber ignorant. its not that she isnt intelligent shes just so void of experience and knowledge that shesquite tricky. all the friends are getting confusing so im going to refer to my best friend as BF and the other as YAand the cousin as HA

whew. so as of saturday, HA starts tailing YA so she doesnt run off and find the guy. lo and behold she runs away from HA and her home and wanders teh streets after dark until 5 hours later when the cousin finds here sitting on a curb a block away from my home (which could be coincidence as i libve near her school). shes taken bakc home. next day she runs again. same thing happens though she gets picked up at scarbourough mall. she then goes to school, and we get quiet for a few days, intermixed with more runnning.

at this point, were all getting frustrated, so today HA ( a wicked older cousin as im concerned, mighty nifty she is) goes to the drug store, gets some contraception (condoms for those who want specifics) and gives them to YA and conveies the feeling, if your going to do it, fine, but be safe. thats the morning of monday. when HA comes to check on YA after school the guys lying naked in YA's bed and YA is no longer a virgin. and the real kicker? the contraception that HA bought was unopened and unused as {YA}"why would i want rubber inside me? thats just gross."

so thats been a recent problem. one down.

next. next friend well call GG (f). a friend of hers and ex of mine well call KK(f) (for the record, she turn into a pshycotic bitch, really, and recently got bailed out of jail), and teh guy involved we'll call VT.

again, this all took place in the last few weeks, though im bot to sure on specifics as the events previously described blurred a bit. in a nut shell, KK set up GG with VT, simple enough. they met in december sometime and have gone out a few times. GG got her first kiss from VT within the last month. a few days ago, she got told that he loves her.

this again, i have no problem with, if both are honest and happy . i however have a suspicious nature and actually care a fair amount for GG, though she knows it not. that being said, i think the progression from first kiss to saying i love you seems a bit to quick. again, i dont automatically say anything, its not my life, nor my choices. still, when asked for my opinion and advice ( for some reason many ask me for advice, i can never understand it) i warned to be cautious, though GG should do what ever she wants if she has fun and is happy.

So i dont know what will happen to her, shes hasnt done any bases except for first with VT so im not sure. but anywho, its her choice, hr life, and im just ranting to the binary code.

Next is a friend of mine who fell in love with some one i like, thats small, if their both happy, power to them though. damn i hate thinking of others ckl. another friend just got out of a really abusive relatuon ship, so thats good.

tins of others are swithing sides, trying new and old things, and tons off other shit too, but thats goes on, but for me, im going to try to date more, because i need to find my own life instead of dealing with other peoples problems. this has been a long piece and i need to go sleep, but before, i must do some more history perhaps, plan out my monastery and perhaps the swampan house, or just write more of my book, or lay out a character. ill decide in a while. it is now tomorow, tuesday, so luck to the sleeping and waking world, i shall be off,

skallebuskallada, may the world be more sane when i wake up, 3 hours from time i fall asleep. : )

- Atethrie

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chapter heads

In the book im writing at the momment, ive decided to start the chapters with quotes, just cause its fun and i can throw people off :) here, in no particular order are some of them. - A

"People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do."

"Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense."

"You are just a puppet... You have no heart...and cannot feel any pain."

"You think to yourself “ I’m safe.” Its done and over with. I’m working on a better life then I had. I’m a better man then I was. What’s past is past.” You say, “I’m free and clear.” Then something happens and you realize your living in a masked lie. We are who we are. Nothing can change that. No one."

"Life and death are symbiots. One cannot exist without the other."

"We define our lives through our sufferings, through are pains. What is joy, after all, if not the lack of tragedy. Just as cold is nothing more then the lack of energy, happiness is nothing more then the absence of pain and strife."

"The best ways don’t always lead to the best results."

"People become accustomed to dark, when all light is taken away."

"Failure is not an option - it is a privilege reserved for those who do not try hard enough."

"Lifes true beauties can only be found by those who can appreciate the small joys and subtle bilss'."

"When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness, and call it love- true love"

"Once you reach your destination, you must either start a new journey or start to die"

"Society failed to tolerate me... and I have failed to tolerate society."

"I had to hit him -- he was starting to make sense"

“This is a battle of pawns, for the highest stakes imaginable.”
-Urza, on the subject of War

"Remember, to copy from a book is plagarism. To copy from many is research. "

"Good strategists seize opportunities. Great strategists make their own."

“I am the romancer, the passion that consumes the flesh.”
-Ancient Latin Inscription about fire

"Don’t mistake isolation for safety."

"Does your passion for power consume your soul and being?"

“There are only two rules of tactics: never be without a plan, and never rely on it.”

" The cautious are wary of their enemies. The wise are also wary of their friends.

“I am the unraveler, the loosened thread that will not hold.”
-Ancient Latin Inscription about time

“The fatal flaw in every plan is the assumption that you know more then your enemy.”
-Volrath, military consultant and tactician

" Unanswered prayers are themselves answers."
- Tibetan teaching

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Goriac's Rant

Echo's Corner is proud to present a line of rants and random other crud from authors other then myself. Today's contrivbution is given to me by Goriac, a good friend.

Cheers, -A

Why is it that we're constantly being manipulated by fear?Someone simply can't take the iniative to say: "hey wait a minute, this is wrong!" or is it the fact that they've lost the balls to say so. If we are to commit such acts we then are in fear of the exploitation by the media and politicions and those of religious influence. No one decides to ban together to get something like this done even though freedom of speech says we can speak freely and be heard farily. Our problem is, all though some one is listening there not going to do anything about it, they don't care what we think they run the world! Big whoop spend some money see what happens lord knows you have more than you need on that salary.

Why is it that if kid's listen to there parents all the time, that when the time comes for them to say something the parents won't listen?A family has rolls but there are know rules on equality, in fact there are almost no rules in family just that they try to work together to acheive some kind of goal. No one really knows what the goal is, it's only years later when the parents see there kid making a living do what they did do they so what they have done. That is not to say that this is always the case, parenting is far from a perfect thing even from those who are good to there children.

Why is it that I am doomed never to forgive a party for having a platform that is consistantly against my own beliefs? They then have the right not to forgive me. We've both learned something but don't understand each other. There will always be a dispute on some issue but let it be a dispute rather than a war. Killing someone is the extreme and is often a resultant when the problem is not solved and the dispute has gone on long engouh. Let someone judge this dispute with a third party mind, make sure that they are not biased in anyway that there decision is strictly based on facts benefiting the commonwealth of people within the society. Do not take for granted what anyone has to say whether true or false you can fine meaning and motive all at the same time.

Why does everything have to be talked to in such depth? Simple no one wants a straight answer they are always looking for something more so that in some way it will appeal to them. They can counter things by saying these things against there own beliefs but they are clouded by the possible benefit of the whole collective rather than just looking out for themselves in survival.

Later Vader,

- Goriac

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


this is just so some people who are msn-challenged (%$@*^% it wont @^%*& work!!!) can still have them -A kosma
dom aries at centre island so long ago


new fred at camp


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Firen and Ned's Sanity lost.

A few things

first, i love firen and am a god while him. thats him over on the right. for the few who know what im talking about, boo yeah. to the rest , this is a character from Little Fighter 2, which i have fallen back in love with as ive found the Reinforced edition , which has given me and kosma great pleasure. i wrote a lengthy guide for the first so i love the new version of the game.

second, the following is a poem written about an aquaintence, Ned Carlson, who is a great guy. and not just because hes cannon fodder for almost everyones jokes, but because he takes it all and has fun with it, many of those who torrment m couldnt do what he does, so he gets plenty of kudos from me. anywho this poem was written by Dave Sutherland, our funky physics teacher, in about three minutes. again, nedhunting is a famed sport during physics, which is why neds lost his sanity many times over.

Oh sanity, oh sanity
Sum of all I hoped to be
My fledgling life, a subtle shoot
With tender leaf and tiny root
Trampled by coarse and riotous ones
Claiming pedagogy, claiming fun.
Get back and let me flourish still
Give me back my homeschooled will
Morons, Halfwits, Twits and Dogs!
Ack, my dear throat's been half clogged.
I wish for clearer air once more
I wish for solitude or socialist war
My scrawny frame is well nigh spent
My once sharp brain has become bent
So shrill my cry will ring for sooth
And flash my dagger, Smeagol's tooth!

Happy new years!