Saturday, January 28, 2006

Two Poems by AFRIEND

Here are two poems by a friend, enjoy. - A

Hanging from a hollow tree,
A rag doll sits and swings.
Tiny tears run down her face,
As she stares at her tangled strings.
Forgotten dreams gather around,
Drowning her in her pain.
Thick black thread hold her lips,
As her soul begins to drain.
Trapped within her body,
Spinning around with ache.
Lost inside her own mind,
She finds that she is fake.
Cloth covers her insides,
Deep down she has no heart.
A worthless pieces of fabric,
Slowly being teared apart.
The end has already come and gone,
She has taken her final fall.
The truth is shown,
now she can rest...
Forever a forgotten doll.


What's the Point?
What's the point of trying,
When all you do is wrong?
What's the point of crying,
When no one hears your song?
What's the point of love,
When nothing goes your way?
What's the point of effort,
When you can't take another day?
What's the point of memories?
They all will fade away,
What's the point of sensitivity?
You'll just get called gay...
What's the point of happiness?
It lasts only a short time,
What's the point of sadness?
It just ruins your life.
What's the point of seeing?
When everything's a lie?
What's the point of believing?
When all you ask is why?
What's the point of life?
Filled with pain and strife,
And what's the point of me?
Filled with sadness and misery.

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