Sunday, January 01, 2006

Firen and Ned's Sanity lost.

A few things

first, i love firen and am a god while him. thats him over on the right. for the few who know what im talking about, boo yeah. to the rest , this is a character from Little Fighter 2, which i have fallen back in love with as ive found the Reinforced edition , which has given me and kosma great pleasure. i wrote a lengthy guide for the first so i love the new version of the game.

second, the following is a poem written about an aquaintence, Ned Carlson, who is a great guy. and not just because hes cannon fodder for almost everyones jokes, but because he takes it all and has fun with it, many of those who torrment m couldnt do what he does, so he gets plenty of kudos from me. anywho this poem was written by Dave Sutherland, our funky physics teacher, in about three minutes. again, nedhunting is a famed sport during physics, which is why neds lost his sanity many times over.

Oh sanity, oh sanity
Sum of all I hoped to be
My fledgling life, a subtle shoot
With tender leaf and tiny root
Trampled by coarse and riotous ones
Claiming pedagogy, claiming fun.
Get back and let me flourish still
Give me back my homeschooled will
Morons, Halfwits, Twits and Dogs!
Ack, my dear throat's been half clogged.
I wish for clearer air once more
I wish for solitude or socialist war
My scrawny frame is well nigh spent
My once sharp brain has become bent
So shrill my cry will ring for sooth
And flash my dagger, Smeagol's tooth!

Happy new years!

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