Monday, January 23, 2006

What comes comes...

The fallen may only rise when those around have fallen further.
- Vol I

ok so im all for people being happy, in fact im one of the last people youll find to decry jooy , but sometimes people need to learn some fricken common sense. and whats behind all this, im in high school so its either drugs, sex, gambling, school politics, or school work. and the winner is ... SEX! once again it screws peoples lives over. i all for it if A) your smart about it, B) your safe avout it, C) your not fricken seducedor coercerced in any way into it. my problem is that i have like half a dozen people who are at the tipping point of sexual acitivities and they consider nothing of the reactions and effects that them opening their legs will have on their or others lives.

ok, first person. she is definitly the most naive girl that i know. shes not so much a friend as a semi good aquaintence, but ill use friend as its easyier to write. my friend, shes so naive that she actually is a harm to herself. i could go on and give many , many , MANY examples, but this is the story with her.

sometime two weeks ago she ended up playing spin the bottle and got her first kiss . two days later shes making out with the same guy. three days after that shes been felt up in the school drama office. 5 or so days after that (im not speaking of all the intermediate stuff, though it did happen) 2 days after that she gets a hand job from the same guy and feels him up . This would all be ok, if she actually knew what she was doing. unfortuneatly, she doesnt and basically does what he tells her to. The day after she went down on him on the bleachers of their high school while being felt up. the day after (thursday last now) it happens again, but he (the guy with her ) sais that he wants to see her after school to, quote "put something in her." the girl, naive as she is, doesnt know what this means really, more over she doesnt know the consequences, so she eagerly agrees, because it sounds fun.

she had planened to meet him and then he wouldve taken her away and screwed her brain out. she doesnt know what sex really is, so its pretty much rape. so luckily, the next is mommentairily better, its now after school, friday, my friend (who is friends more with my best friend then me) calls star and tells her what the guy sais. my best friend at which point tries to convince her not to fuck over her life (because if she didnt get knocked up, shed be dropped so fast the sweat would still be in the air, or worse, she would be cooerced to do this guy because my best friend did her guy (which is not the same thing as my best friend and her bf loved each other)

630-7ish ish friday , my friend (naive one) goes to the hospital to meet her guy. my best friend was going to the hospital with her older cousin ( they were going to visit a friend incidentily), spot the naive one waiting in the lobby. the cousin grabs my friend , literally by the wrist, and drags her off with them. the guy sees her being dragged away and runs to stop both my best friend and her cousin and threatens them, to which the cousin replies that "if you dont keep your hands off her, i'll break them." the security of the hospital escort the guy out of the place as he was screaming his head off. the naive girl gets taken home to her parents who have no idea of whats happeneing. my best friend and i have to explain most things to the naive one, her parents dont tell her shit so shes uber ignorant. its not that she isnt intelligent shes just so void of experience and knowledge that shesquite tricky. all the friends are getting confusing so im going to refer to my best friend as BF and the other as YAand the cousin as HA

whew. so as of saturday, HA starts tailing YA so she doesnt run off and find the guy. lo and behold she runs away from HA and her home and wanders teh streets after dark until 5 hours later when the cousin finds here sitting on a curb a block away from my home (which could be coincidence as i libve near her school). shes taken bakc home. next day she runs again. same thing happens though she gets picked up at scarbourough mall. she then goes to school, and we get quiet for a few days, intermixed with more runnning.

at this point, were all getting frustrated, so today HA ( a wicked older cousin as im concerned, mighty nifty she is) goes to the drug store, gets some contraception (condoms for those who want specifics) and gives them to YA and conveies the feeling, if your going to do it, fine, but be safe. thats the morning of monday. when HA comes to check on YA after school the guys lying naked in YA's bed and YA is no longer a virgin. and the real kicker? the contraception that HA bought was unopened and unused as {YA}"why would i want rubber inside me? thats just gross."

so thats been a recent problem. one down.

next. next friend well call GG (f). a friend of hers and ex of mine well call KK(f) (for the record, she turn into a pshycotic bitch, really, and recently got bailed out of jail), and teh guy involved we'll call VT.

again, this all took place in the last few weeks, though im bot to sure on specifics as the events previously described blurred a bit. in a nut shell, KK set up GG with VT, simple enough. they met in december sometime and have gone out a few times. GG got her first kiss from VT within the last month. a few days ago, she got told that he loves her.

this again, i have no problem with, if both are honest and happy . i however have a suspicious nature and actually care a fair amount for GG, though she knows it not. that being said, i think the progression from first kiss to saying i love you seems a bit to quick. again, i dont automatically say anything, its not my life, nor my choices. still, when asked for my opinion and advice ( for some reason many ask me for advice, i can never understand it) i warned to be cautious, though GG should do what ever she wants if she has fun and is happy.

So i dont know what will happen to her, shes hasnt done any bases except for first with VT so im not sure. but anywho, its her choice, hr life, and im just ranting to the binary code.

Next is a friend of mine who fell in love with some one i like, thats small, if their both happy, power to them though. damn i hate thinking of others ckl. another friend just got out of a really abusive relatuon ship, so thats good.

tins of others are swithing sides, trying new and old things, and tons off other shit too, but thats goes on, but for me, im going to try to date more, because i need to find my own life instead of dealing with other peoples problems. this has been a long piece and i need to go sleep, but before, i must do some more history perhaps, plan out my monastery and perhaps the swampan house, or just write more of my book, or lay out a character. ill decide in a while. it is now tomorow, tuesday, so luck to the sleeping and waking world, i shall be off,

skallebuskallada, may the world be more sane when i wake up, 3 hours from time i fall asleep. : )

- Atethrie

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