Friday, November 25, 2005

Atethrie's List

This i wrote for our school newspaper, that being said, some is inside jokes and the link- A

Number of manga’s in school library: 193
Average number of times Mr. Marchese goes off on amussing tangent per class: 34
Number of times that the people playing Hackisack in the building have been told off by teachers and/or other staff: 5 times
Number of Irma cartoons posted around the school: 37
Number of Tv’s with VCR/DVD in the building: 14
Number of Tv’s with VCR/DVD in the building that work automatically: 11 of 14
Number of times Mr. Coombs has advocated communism in class discutions(this year): 22 attempts at conversion
Number of Travel mugs seen traveling around the school: 74
Student population: 1203
Teacher, staff and support population: 154
Number of Dungeons & Dragon sessions held in the café throughout lunches: 57
Amount Mr. LeBlanc spent on decorating C1: $230
Amount of paper recycled each week: 4 giant bins
Number of headphones I’ve had to buy this month to replace the previous pair when they stopped working: 12
Number of brawl-level fights that have broken out on school property since the beginning of school: 9
Number of styrofoam balls suspended mid-air in room C6: 441
Number of visits from police: 32
Number of school clocks that show real time: 7

(Any or all statistics may be debated in a not-so-serious fashion. Neither the editor, publisher or author accept any responsibility of their validity)

Monday, November 14, 2005

A world of numbers

I have come upon the realisation, in my humble wisdom (something that amounts to very little at the momment) that numbers are one of the sole reasons why our worlds society is so screwed in the head. our entire lives revolve around numbers that are , what, supposed to represent people to the outside world? granted , people who need a representation quickly, this IS usefull, but in the same time it takes to process all these numbers that are supposed to mean something, you could sit down and actually talk to the person.

and they supposedly do what as a benefit? they certainly dont help the people who the numbers are supposed to represent. they certainly dont help those who have to assigning numbers to the select few that, in their minds, "deserve" a higher number in accordance to some ancient rule set down eons ago. these numbers dont help those their designed for , the people whos lives are supposed to be simplified by these godly figues, digits that fuel hatred, spawn grief and anguish, all becasue, its supposed to be better? for who? the people who have to decide who will be better pigeon holed? people, even though we try as hard as possible to do it, cant be fitted, we cant be catagorized. there is no clear number. 3, 6, 8 , 100, what are wasting our lives over? we knock down those who have commited vast atrocities, yet we dont even agknoledge that we have taken their system and did it one better. how great is the difference from a social security number, employee id, student number, these things that will never leave, even when we die, how are these so different from those other horrid numbers that were so cruely seared into the skin of those unfortunate enough to be born at a certain time and pllace ?

our so called civilized society, o so great and modern. we never would do anything like those we have condemmened in the past. what we will do is adopt their system, but hide it,, deconstruct it, then biuld it to suit our own pruposes. who dares to take off the name tag that states out happily to the world " Hi, My name is (hgdkfajdhg) and my employee number is _____-_____-___--____. Please report me if i help you." who dares pocket the student id that allows you access to the knowledge of the world. simply because i wish to learn and i do not wish to live under your world of digits, why should i be escorted out of the building, this institution of learning you call it?, because i am not carrying one of YOUR numbers? that is of course if im still allowed to walk freely without regestering my number at each door, hallway and corner i walk through. At least those who had it permantly inscribed were freed from the shackles of the digits when they passed. ours follw us for eons...

no longer is the time when all that mattered was that you had will to do, now, if you dont do more then you should, you are left fallen. and what of those who benefit from the system?

those are seen every where. all those who were fortunate to go unnoticed yet still survie the crush of 7,8, and 9s. they are those who are considered smart, the ones who are revereed yet still shunted aside, who are we to shunt anyone ? we who are but numbers in sea oof mindless data.

This business is living organism Multiplying constantly surrounded by predators There's no rule for idle time or second guessing, New discovery was made hourly. New ideas are ready to be devored and redefined. This business is binary you are a one or a zero, alive or dead

After all, the only thing that seperates a president of a company from the teen behind the counter who serves him coffee is that he was given a 0 instead of a 1.Yet that 1 will die knowing infinitly more then that 0 could even possibly grasp.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

the Question game and other publishings

i am working on finalising an article or chapter on the Question Game, which many people have been asking me to clarify for them. this article will appear here, on my blog, as well as in Vol.1 of the book of Life.

also in works for publication, the story of Red Fox, and my much acclaimed and persued Bubble Theory. updates later,

Saturday, November 05, 2005


man what do do. conflict beyond mind, plus all the stuff i half to do. is it right to hurt someone when you think there may be something better elsewhere? and what if you do and there isnt? how do you live with that on your mind? darkthoughts that occupy me nowadays....

fun songs

songs are great. music also is great. in general, all of these things, though perspective, are good for people, that being said, im gonna put up some good lyrics..

Herman The Worm

Herman the worm ( clap clap clap clap clap)
All his hearts were broken, but he never gave up on love.
Herman the worm ( clap clap clap clap clap)
All his hearts were broken, but he never gave up on love.

Now Herman, that sad soul. Had lead tragic life.
His father, was fish bait, the early bird got his wife.
His grandma wasn't very sly, she ended up in apple pie. (Oh Oh)

Well, Herman, was squirmin', away back to his hole.
His girlfriend, named Sally, had left him all alone.
She turned into a butterfly, and flew away up into the sky. (Oh Oh)

Now Herman, he found him another love so strong.
They wiggled in the green grass, 'till a lawnmower came along,
The couple never had a clue, and breaking up is hard to do! (Oh Oh)


yeah, so a great song

The Old Canoe
By George MarshScribner's Magazine, October 1908

My seams gape wide so I'm tossed aside

To rot on a lonely shore
While the leaves and mould like a shroud enfold,
For the last of my trails are o'er;
But I float in dreams on Northland streams
That never again I'll see,
As I lie on the marge of the old portage
With grief for company.

When the sunset gilds the timbered hills
That guard Timagami,
And the moonbeams play on far James Bay
By the brink of the frozen sea,
In phantom guise my Spirit flies
As the dream blades dip and swing
Where the waters flow from the Long Ago
In the spell of the beck'ning spring.

Do the cow-moose call on the Montrea
lWhen the first frost bites the air,
And the mists unfold from the red and gold
That the autumn ridges wear?
When the white falls roar as they did of yoreOn the Lady Evelyn,
Do the square-tail leap from the black pools deep
Where the pictured rocks begin?

Oh! the fur-fleets sing on Timiskaming
As the ashen paddles bend,
And the crews carouse at Rupert House
At the sullen winter's end;
But my days are done where the lean wolves run,
And I ripple no more the path
Where the gray geese race cross the red moon's face
From the white wind's Arctic wrath.

Tho' the death fraught way from the Saguenay
To the storied Nipigon
Once knew me well, now a crumbling shell
I watch the years roll on,
While in memory's haze I live the days
That forever are gone from me,
As I rot on the marge of the old portage
With grief for company.

really sad song from my camp, it echos continually in my bones.. we never can go back threw our memories, the past is lost to us, as we will never be able to relive the momment...

How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand there is no going back. There are some things that time can not mend. Some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold.


Close Combat Weaponry in Modern Society

Swords are definitly an interessting point and have always had an interessting effect on the surrounding environment. one thing that im always advocating for is the return or swords into modern life. sure, the olny used weapon nowadays are guns and firearms, mainly pistols, but returning swords to the common world could be an interessting step and could have some changes and pathways that might be worthy of anaysis and observation ....

wheres this coming from? think what an busy, crowded street could be like. violence in terms of gangs would be reduced, thats for sure. how you ask? well, if gangs had weapons such as swords, they would A) have to be skilled,trained to avoid cutting themselves up ( and therefor be smarter, hopefully...) or B) be missing limbs and hence, not be gang members and not threats or C) be diswaded from gang related things in general. plus, its a damn site harder to conceal a full length katana then a pocket knife. also, this visablility works for both sides, menaing that the gangs( again, each gang coould have different kinds of swords or blades?) could be identified by their swords. this gives civilians warning, and gangs intimidation and in a sense, power. the problem would then be regulating that power, and then heros and warriors would come into play, etc... all the Old schools of weaponry wold be revived and such things might creat a very different way.

again just a thought, but im not the only place that is voicing this. example? FFVII:advent children had this, as did a few other older movies. ive always loved close ranged medival weaponry as i find firearms are just to impersonal. they require no skill and need no training. think about it, even with a broadsword, youve got to be in good shape to even pick it up, let alone wield it. pistol? any person who can lift a full dictionary can fire a Desert Eagle even ( not bearing recoil and kickback knocking the person off the ground for the momment) they can still fire a shot. and when it comes to guns, one shot, one bullet is all that is needed to end a life. getting that same Anyone to lift a sword that weighs 10-50 pounds, not the same situation.

range is something else. with guns, violence can be accived long range. the gun wielder can disaccociate themselves with the cause that they are creating(death, injury) while this is not the case with a blade. if a cause is being caused, then the wielder must be close enough to the fallen to see what they have done and to sense the person that has been the effected. this also lessens the likely hood of gang members as the majority of human beings cannot dela with the reality of taking another life, hence why war destorys so many, most after wars themselves have ended.

with the reinclution of CCW(close combat weaponry ei swords) in the mordern world, many more changes then stated would happen. millitary and law enforcement would also be trained in CCW. smithies and forgers as well as crafts men who could create CCW would be flooding the economy, as well as an entire sector to trainig of skill, such as schools, dojos and monestaries.

but thats enough for the momment, i shall continue this later if i am seo inspired. A.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Riddles and iddles, Vols and other grammer mistakes

here be riddles for the masses

You eat something you neither plant nor plow. It is the son of water, but if water touches it, it dies.

Bury deep,
Pile on stones,
Yet I will
Dig up the bones.

Round she is, yet flat as a board
Altar of the Lupine Lords.
Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea
Unchanged but e'erchanging, eternally.

and my personal favorite which no-one has guessed yet:

Though all answer to me, i am the most patient.
I grant life to all and yet that is not my job.
I travel throughout the world almost instantly,
but im always still as a frozen lake.And throughout all of my life,
i am the sole to not fear myself, as i understand what i do.

Man do i like that last one, took me forever to think of. anywho as a random note, ive been playing with varios things as always, one of those things is a book to write. now this is no new idea for me, problem is i have so many thoughts that their not focused on one subject, though they perhaps could be, to publish examples are as follows:
- Vol 1 . Books of Life (phlosophy for the masses)
- Strategy and tactics^2 (squared) : Shotokan ring sparring
- Reflections of the Alicians (analysis/comentary on Alice{wonderland,looking glass alice} in modern life)
- Ji Yulah ( introduction to martial arts form Ji Yulah)
- short story anthology
- other

other being something else. so all these show promise, and is a fair bit of work which i dont have at the momment as i have massive amounts of school yet i still have time to rant here and do other stuff, go figure. yeah so maybey ill write a book it is on my list of things to do in my lfe time. so thats this thought anyway

that be all

All Hallows-Eve ( the day after the night of the dead)

ok so as well as being annoyed at the fact that it took me like half an hour to get logged on to this blog thing, i have tests galor, and i have to get good on them. plus i need to do tons of other stuff, i have like a dozen personal projects that i want to finish but have no time. Projects: - recreation of the book ninegates to the kingdom of shadows - more shop stuff - tactics game( though this has been given up long ago, its still in the back of my mind) - 2 books in the works - teaching( my job but beating on little kids is quite exhausting) - and a ton of other shit so after all that, ive got my 6month anneversary with my girlfriend comming up which is important. and school after all that. but back to my original annoyance, yesterday, halloween, one of my favorite times in the year, was an interessting day. after school, three guys circle me , pull an exacto knife on me , then proceed to try and mug me for an ipod which i dont have. i was wearing white headphones similar to an ipods, yes, but in broad day light on a public street in a thin yet full crowd of walking people, these guys are such idiots. oh, and yeah cops were called, my gf dialed in front of the guys and then walked away and they like didnt even care. but alls well as noone harmed, nothing stolen or damaged, just shaken. so life continues. adieu till next time i can log in.. : )

p.s. i teach martial arts, karate , if anyone was currious about the beating comment, and no, i dont "abuse" them, i just push them to thier limits (i teach fighting days) so yeah its painfull for all around , includig myself.

Once you reach your destination, you must either start a new journey or start to die.

Life isn't about death? Where are all born, we live, then we die. What happens in between is up to the individual. If you want to be careless and ignorant, that is your choice. But when death eventually comes, what will you bring with you?Then there are the very few that are not afraid of death. They are prepared and willing to die for their own causes, not somebody else's.