Friday, November 25, 2005

Atethrie's List

This i wrote for our school newspaper, that being said, some is inside jokes and the link- A

Number of manga’s in school library: 193
Average number of times Mr. Marchese goes off on amussing tangent per class: 34
Number of times that the people playing Hackisack in the building have been told off by teachers and/or other staff: 5 times
Number of Irma cartoons posted around the school: 37
Number of Tv’s with VCR/DVD in the building: 14
Number of Tv’s with VCR/DVD in the building that work automatically: 11 of 14
Number of times Mr. Coombs has advocated communism in class discutions(this year): 22 attempts at conversion
Number of Travel mugs seen traveling around the school: 74
Student population: 1203
Teacher, staff and support population: 154
Number of Dungeons & Dragon sessions held in the café throughout lunches: 57
Amount Mr. LeBlanc spent on decorating C1: $230
Amount of paper recycled each week: 4 giant bins
Number of headphones I’ve had to buy this month to replace the previous pair when they stopped working: 12
Number of brawl-level fights that have broken out on school property since the beginning of school: 9
Number of styrofoam balls suspended mid-air in room C6: 441
Number of visits from police: 32
Number of school clocks that show real time: 7

(Any or all statistics may be debated in a not-so-serious fashion. Neither the editor, publisher or author accept any responsibility of their validity)

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