Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Question game

Published for the first time online, Echo's Corner is proud to bring you the first edition of the Question Game. - A

The Question Game


The question game came into creation, like many other things, out of an accident, pursuit of that accident, and the refinement of the events subsequent. What started out as a harmless conversation became a legendary game that spanned months and the better part of a year till everything was crystallized. So with out further adieu, the Question Game.

The Game.

The question game is comprised of asking question back and forth between people till eternity comes. This seems automatically easy and pointless, yet what is more eternal then simplicity? The purpose of playing can be many things, from wasting time to irrelevant conversation, to meaningful discussion to heartfelt bonding. More then one love has sprung from this game. Likewise, I know many who have suffered because of what they have discovered.
How might a simple game have such effects on people though? A game that was originally created for the innocent purpose of letting two people get to know each other.
But like in almost all games, there are rules. Standards that must be applied fairly so that the outcome can be accepted without doubt as the truth. Rules are as follows:

Rule one. Each question must be original and can only be asked once. This means that one question can be asked only once, by EITHER person. This can make for some difficult question finding, yet the game is ongoing and should never be forced upon people.

Rule two. All questions must be answered unless the asker deems it unnecessary to answer. Ex, A asks B question then tells B that they don’t have to answer if they don’t want to.

Rule three. All answers must be completely and utterly truthful. Complete honesty is the only way this game works. By playing the game, all players must be willing to answer ANY question truthfully and without fear of what others may think about their answers.

Rule four. Players cannot evade the question behind wordplay. Speak the answer, and take solace in the pride of speaking your thoughts truthfully. To seek hiding through a minor impractically is almost always going to happen, as language is inherently inexpressible.

Rule five. If the question posed is too vague or unspecific, the player who answers can ask for clarification or a more detailed version of a question.

Rule six. Questions cannot be momentary in context ex. " What did you think of my hair yesterday?" Questions can be relating to time but have to apply in a broader context.

At anytime while asking back and forth, discussion on a certain topic can and will happen. This is good and is the point. The Game is designed to let people open themselves up and connect with others. No defenses are available while playing, and the only attacks are those that are brought among the players own.

Rule seven. After asking a question, the proper speech, or saying, is “Your Go.”

Rule seven, though not a rule this ones more of a tradition and deserves mention just as a quirky thing that came to the creators attention. It occurred that we kept repeating this line over and over to each other so many times while playing that it has now become the single line we have used to each other.

Things to keep in mind-

After playing for an extended period of time, say after 2 to 3 months, it becomes increasingly difficult to think of new original questions to ask one another as all the simple question have been used up. Creativity is a must, as well as a sense of daring, humor, and wanting.
The Game can be used also as a way to break the ice between strangers, complete even the more so because then there’s nothing to lose, friends, relatives, or any others. A good way to avoid awkward silences is to fill them with meaningless dry conversational small talk. By introducing the game as a way to fill these moments, not only does the person who suggested it seem to genuinely want to know about the other players (this may or may not be true) but also it puts everyone a lot more at ease when their talking about things they know about.

Questions to keep in mind-

As with such a game, certain question might be asked that may or may not make/break a relationship. I’m going to put down a few that questions that either players dread asking or answering.

“Do you love me?”
“Do you think I’m hot/sexy/nifty/etc...?”
“Have you ever had sex?”
“What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?”
“Have you ever done drugs? If so, what?”
“What is the cruelest thing you’ve ever done to someone?”

Oddly enough, good question that cause the most havoc are those relating to a persons feelings, emotions and essence. Whether good or bad though, the knowledge gained is gained, even if its sad or painful, the truth is always harder to deal with then putting off an inevitable question.

The Omega of the Game

The Question game seems to reach its end many times, but oddly enough, it never really dies. Many times people will run out of questions to ask, and eventually there will come a point when you may think that everything has been asked, but this is obviously not the case. Let the Game lie low for a while until it comes up again. We are curious by nature and the Question Game is simply a way of focusing that curiosity into something productive and fun. The only time the End comes is when people part ways. But though this seems like the end, once started, it can never be closed. Have fun, keep it light or not, it is all about finding the unknown and accepting it. I hope I’ve been able to give some detail on this very special part of my life, trivial though it may seem, some days it was all I had to look forward to at the end of the day. Your go.

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