Monday, December 19, 2005

well now, and so we go...

so i have again, no real point, i should study for my physics test tomorow, which i have been doing , and my math test which i have to some degree. i have read likke 70 of cukoos nest, and shall finish the remaining tonight before i go to sleep. i feel sad as usuall, yet the only time i smile is when im thinking of past saturday spent doing random stuff with Dom. i havent actually had that kind of pure fun in a while so it really has made me able to slog through what i have to do. im happy i actually got a sale at one of my stores, nothing big, plus i hope for some of my cloths for christmas. im in a good mood i suppose, i have to write a letter of recomendation for star now, i feel so tired, but life goes on. ckl, and i got cds, and the pc that im using, the burner is being all bitchy and not wanting to burn, something about improper media or something. anywho, i was running over a conversation in my mind and for no reason, just transcribed it into by book, im thinking of making some graphic scenes, not that i would have a story...ckl and i got so much else to do, like over the break i want to make a calligraphy for my wall, and i have to pick a character. im toying with sword, shinigami, hero , strength or something else. and man was that a long sentence. but yeah, im off no real point to this entry, how cool, and here ill throw in some puctures to appease the illiterate and the search engines. man, she got me hooked on that kiss pic as a dp, now its stuck in my head... cheers - A

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