Tuesday, December 20, 2005

For the chemist/anarchist...

I was asked a while back by someone if there was a way to get through doorlocks without picking them or going straight through the door. i looked into it and i came across the following in a forum im logged on too. i neither advise nor endors use or missuse of the following information. it is presented purely as an informational answer. i sight the responsibilty clause found on any article on the website totse.com. dont do anything stupid or youll pay, keep that in mind. its naturel to be curious and not care abouut rules, but dont be an idiot and do yourself damage. it isnt worth it and it insites cruel nicknames like "stubby", "boom boom boy", gimpy" etc..nobody likes those. -A

This method was inveted by Peter Logan so he gets crdeit and responsibilty.
This is the method to make an exploding paste to be exact.

1).You need iodine crystals and Ammonium Hydroxide.

2).Crush the crystals to make them react faster.

3).Put 2 tbls of crystals into a glass or pyrex container that will hold at least 500ml.

4).Now add about 100ml of the Ammonium Hydroxide.You should always add a little more than you need here if you add to much it won't affect the outcome but if you add to little it will come out incomplete.

5).Now stir the mixture for about 10 minutes. If all goes to plan you should see some bubbles of Hydrogen being given off. When these bubbles stop the reaction is over.

6).Leave your mixture for about 5 minutes to make sure everything's completly done and you should see some stuff at the bottem of your container; this is your paste to which can be seperated by pouring the whole lot through a paper filter. Dont worry about you damaging your funnel as the liquid your getting rid of is water. DONT DRINK THE LIQUID WATER.

7).The paste should be dry after about an hour so if you want to keep it, store it with a little water to keep it damp in an airtight tin.

8).Remember if you store it for too long it will decompose.

By putting this paste in and on the key hole, the lock shall be demolished when a key touches the paste. the metal reacts with the paste with enough force to cause the explosion.

I have not had the opertunity to see the strength and powe of the paste, nor to experiment with reactivity. deal with at your own risk, its here for the guy who asked, if only i could remember his name. anyway, here it is, you there.

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