Monday, September 24, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

# 39 Puns are your "friend"

I swear this actually happened between me and my friend. yeah, so this is just a quick paint doodle i through together after it happpened.

yes i did just spell happen3d with 3 p's. yes i realise theres a 3 in the correction. i m sickly ish, i dont really mind at the moment.

next soon


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dead Day

im in a lot of pain, my scanner is being eveil and a number of others things are sucking and in general falling apart. be that as it may, doctor tomorow, comics once i get to the conscience stage.

Friday, July 20, 2007


well, ive some plans for the weekend, and that means that ill have a ton of small comics that were doodled on scraps during work from the past 2 weeks. ill touch them up and in cases redo them completely so their legeble, but many comics coming up soon. W00+!!!

Sudo go read xkcd,one eyed production, 8-bit.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

# 38 "im" not "in"

well, last week was incredibly busy, and next week is shaping up to be busy as well. despite this, im shooting for another mid week, and another next weekend.


Friday, July 06, 2007

#37 Go

Guest comic from Zeus today, this one actually came from a conversation had over a midnight meal at a pho house we go too. im shooting for a monday or tuesday for the next one. or maybe ill repost this one later with a logo in it. meh, ill see how i feel.
Happy b-day to my father who gets a year older today, ive had a hell of a time with him and ill miss him when i go off to university in september.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

#36 Catch

Well, despite posting on the 4th, it was finished on the 3rd, so nyeah. im shooting for friday, saturday and have a decent idea so it should go well.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

#35 I wonder...

Well, ever so much has happened since the last months gone by. fun things include well... many a thing, many of which need a ton of backstory to understand and fully appreciate the glee of. my graduation from high school is done with and im considered an alumni now, something that somehow fills me with both a sense of dread, intrest and loathing, all at the same time.
Some news for EC! ive come to realize that while i do enjoy making comics, im also somewhat(ish) lazy, and spending so much time for 1 comic detracts from the enjoyment. SO! i'll be posting rough comics (though ill photoshop the words as my writing is illegible usually), ill be posting doodles, fun things, serious things, all sorts of things. but ill make a point this summer to update at least 3 times a week. im shooting for a sunday, a wensday and a friday post, and ill see how it goes from there.
throughout all the posting, im picking up some of my old projects and various others things, as im also looking for another summer job as i need more funds for university. ill post again on wensday.

Happy canada day,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another *sigh* delay...

Well, its definitly gotten to be whenever i try to to say things like soon, it never happens. a good example would be the comic ive got done on my other computer thats missing text and boxing. the like could be said for the 7 scripts ive got done. unfortuantely things get in the way, and while i was ever so close to posting last week on wensday, i got dragged out of the house instead. damn. alas, things happen, so i suppose ts the times. wow that sounded stupid just typing it. Anime North is this weekend, and im looking forward to going, wether i ave enough money for the entrane is something else entirly though... im heading into a somewhat more hectic time so il try to post by friday ( im ever so hoping). i wish i could update on a more accurate basis as, even if little to no peopel read these, they're still a hoot and it makes me feel like im actually doing something with my life thats isnt textbook. course, for the next while itll be nore textbook then ever, but thats what ill need to get the things done.

on a somewhat lighter note, theres someone im meaning to talk to and find out if theyre coming to anime north. plus itd be nice to hear from them.

im off, have much to do. "Despite the cost of living, it's syrprising how popular it remains."
sleep well.


Friday, April 27, 2007

#34 Good combo (end of Npc'ed)

so happy birthday to the many many people who have them in time now soon ish. i got some fun things as youve might of guessed... so ya, ive got a semi working machine, ill try to update more. ive got scripts for 5 done already, sketches for 3 and panels for 1. somewhat good start, more later.

enjoy the weekend!


Friday, April 06, 2007

#33 april 7th.JPG

theres a reason why i use text boxes... my quick scrawl above is reason enough i feel. this has got to be the quickest thing ive done in memorable time, simply because i had so much else to do yet i still wanted to post. i hope the bitterness doesnt come through that strongly.. god im hungry... anywho, i had time enough to throw in text boxes when i was porting onto a school pc so that was kinda ok. despite it all, im not pleased though. hand was off or something, things didnt want to pull together. plus no inking so you see the miserabel base sketchying..quite sketchy... wow.. ok im going to go find food cause its destroying my ability to talk without puns. a better one soon. ish


Sunday, April 01, 2007

#32 Npc - 2 - At the Scifair

this would be the second of the npc (not pc'd) which i did yesterday during the scifair. we went for a very simplictic board dipslay (though not as simplistic as shown above). no medals which means my immunity to physics work ends and i have to do work again. alas. also, i found out that its impossible to win uless you have a project name over 4 words. we had a one word project (go simple!) so it was shot down from the start i feel. meh. didnt even look at mail last night, i probly should...

for those who dont know the reference to the pacman pie chart, i show it below.


#31 Npc - 1

well after a month of so much stuff, i decided to stop holding out for my pc to work (get a mac) so im straight posting without anything done to it. i dont know how many of these ill do but i promise, when i get a working pc with photoshop, ill fix them up good and proper. and if anyone cant get my scribbling font then ill try redoing it.

if you didnt get the ps, then go to . i lost. ^^


Thursday, March 01, 2007

#30 Sci-fair '07

i finished this esterday, but due to the needing to finish the scifair report (of epic length and quality., ish) the posting got put off. i still dated it for today though, so meh. awsome day for the most every. i got 3 hours sleep last night (not a good thing) i woke on time, went to a geo lecture (mostly dull, did get some rest though) went to work, 7/30ish showed up so the session was used to make props (w00+) walked to sister's place for dinner( wicked cold and icy, my pants were soaked fromthe knees down, i kid you not) had an awsome time of dinner and after with her and some of her friends (calvin, pam, tim, then 2 others came in for a bit, then ian as i was leaving). came home, all is good pretty much. ive got the day off tomorow, so might go out see movie, might see someone in the evening if i can hook it up. if nothing else, then ill spend some time on sat with another friend. W00+!!!!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

#29 Evening thoughts

good time on this one. speeds getting to within a dooable time. ill shoot for wensday/thursday for the next one. -A

Saturday, February 24, 2007

#28 Jak-oo's odd

Next one soon ^^ had a good few days , thursday was half day and work, friday was late start and enjoyable evening, saturday was relaxing day and quite fun evening, and hopefully sundauy will be good as well. -A

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

#27 Valentine's love is anything coco

well, this is wher ei should be explainng the giant abscence, but, i feel that my saying all that has happened would take far too long and by the end ill have to cut off from by kick to the groin from CAPTAIN PLANET!! ahem. anywho, the coles notes goes like this
-xmas, tons happen, pc screen pixels inverted and made comicing bitchy.
-after it was fixed (mid january) exams started up for me, which were important as they go to university marks (joy)
-after exams i started on some way to make the comic simpler yet still fun to make.
- the mass doodles and projects that im doing influenced further doodles and teh result is something shown above (projects of hikidasu writing, mih screenplay writing, scott pilgrim reading, book skimming galore[havent *finished* a book in ages, and it sucks] )
- the full conversion wil be when i get the character formats for all 7 characters (atethrie, matt, crimson, michel, roy, zack and jak-oo).
-ive got a general for atethrie, crimson, michel and jak-oo, and heads on all of them, but i need to do the details, and teh final, so that it looks good to my eye (blind though it may be)
-so all in all im going to try to put them out more

So, thats pretty much whats going on, work and school take up time, but im starting to focus on main things rather then giant amounts of splinters, so hopefully i can get some formats done, as well as some more comics. also, i was playing with a tablet in photoshop the other day and was working on some art so i may post some of that as a dead day if i get it done.

sleep well hrough all the snow, -A

Monday, February 12, 2007

#26 It visited the Academy...

new one up, tons happening, will rant later, and explain, but bio gets to be read now. all else wheni have time ^^ -A