Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another *sigh* delay...

Well, its definitly gotten to be whenever i try to to say things like soon, it never happens. a good example would be the comic ive got done on my other computer thats missing text and boxing. the like could be said for the 7 scripts ive got done. unfortuantely things get in the way, and while i was ever so close to posting last week on wensday, i got dragged out of the house instead. damn. alas, things happen, so i suppose ts the times. wow that sounded stupid just typing it. Anime North is this weekend, and im looking forward to going, wether i ave enough money for the entrane is something else entirly though... im heading into a somewhat more hectic time so il try to post by friday ( im ever so hoping). i wish i could update on a more accurate basis as, even if little to no peopel read these, they're still a hoot and it makes me feel like im actually doing something with my life thats isnt textbook. course, for the next while itll be nore textbook then ever, but thats what ill need to get the things done.

on a somewhat lighter note, theres someone im meaning to talk to and find out if theyre coming to anime north. plus itd be nice to hear from them.

im off, have much to do. "Despite the cost of living, it's syrprising how popular it remains."
sleep well.


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Fanny said...

did you mean me?