Saturday, June 30, 2007

#35 I wonder...

Well, ever so much has happened since the last months gone by. fun things include well... many a thing, many of which need a ton of backstory to understand and fully appreciate the glee of. my graduation from high school is done with and im considered an alumni now, something that somehow fills me with both a sense of dread, intrest and loathing, all at the same time.
Some news for EC! ive come to realize that while i do enjoy making comics, im also somewhat(ish) lazy, and spending so much time for 1 comic detracts from the enjoyment. SO! i'll be posting rough comics (though ill photoshop the words as my writing is illegible usually), ill be posting doodles, fun things, serious things, all sorts of things. but ill make a point this summer to update at least 3 times a week. im shooting for a sunday, a wensday and a friday post, and ill see how it goes from there.
throughout all the posting, im picking up some of my old projects and various others things, as im also looking for another summer job as i need more funds for university. ill post again on wensday.

Happy canada day,

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