Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EC Studios is stumbling up!

Hey!  MY new site is in shambles but it's totally here:  EC Studios

Figured i should also mention that here.  There's more on the homepage.

Must get to sleep.  Never a dull day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tokyo Gore Police and some other things

   So this was an interesting watch.  Interesting insofar as it was one of the more surreal mind trips I've been on in a while.  to start off, it lives up to its title.  there are police, in Tokyo, with lots and lots of gore.  the version i was watching was a french dub as well, which just made it..  yeah...a bit speechless after the fact.  it's craazy in off the wall ways.  there are gallons and gallons of blood, putting films like Kill Bill to shame.
   As far as summaries go, I'll try as best i can, though most of the plot i understood later after a net searches later.  Auditions lead actress is now a bad ass lady cop/ merc out after her fathers killer while battling splicers called engineers who are transformed by another guy out for revenge called the key man.  engineers deserve mention as their gimmick is to grow weapons out of any wound they receive, which gets squicky very, VERY quickly.  though it does make for many 'What the- huh, now their- wait WHAT!?!' moments.  like the opening chainsaw duel.  yeah that's how it opens.
   The Tokyo painted is more under totalitarian regime rather than cyberpunk dystopia, what with the privatized police and the fetish clubs and the self mutilation promoted on TV.  live execution through your WII remote.  curious take on the future of entertainment, but I'll run with it.
   I liked the costume design on the basic police though.  The singular glowing red eye and the modernized samurai armour worked well for me.  the chief, not so much, but this entire movie is a demented vision.  at so many point it curb stomps logic that you really just have to sit back and go along for the ride.  questioning anything gets you sprayed with a few more gallons of blood.  so, so much blood.  
   i wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again, but i can definitely understand the cult following it might/has gained.  haven't seen anything like it before, for all the good and bad that means.

   Onto other things!  I'm working on a full site, so i can throw more things up.  there was another episode of UtD (Value of Nothing) and i should have Mogworld up next week.  i might have a two act for Psychopath Test and Waiting for Godot, the former i flew through, the later i should finish by weekend's end.
   New site here:  EC Studios
   Hopefully it should be up soon.  It won't be anything intense, but it'll give me something to do overarcingly, a word I've found my self using in the last week, which further explains my descent into grammar.  or maybe it's my morning and broken night of dreams.  either way, NEW SITE COMING!
   Got footage of the first part of my Link's Awakening Let's play.  audio lags a second, and that's before the over dub.  i think I'm going to try doing it all at once for the next.  I'll see.
   Autumns finally here.  Woo.  onto other things now.  Bai bai ^^