Friday, September 29, 2006

#22 Portrait of Matte

so yes, this has been some weird posting, cause blogger was being troublesome again. no matter, its behaving so alls good i suppose. so what actually shouldve been posted was last on the 25th, and this one now. this this is now, my not having school, but a packed weekend should be interesting. we hall see, ive got a new look im going to demo on the next strip so itll be interesting. if only i could spend the same amount of time on the comics as these peices of art. alas. so another picture of matte, this time with her lace scythe. next one in some time. have fun till then.

by the by, my strip is also being hosted on drunk duck here.
problem is (though the lay out is decent , the html i havent dealt with and the sizing isnt what it is here, whihc can be annoying.

ta -A

#21 Portait for Rea

So last weekend instead of doing a strip ( the scripts done so should should be out...soon.,.....ish) i was doing a portrait for a nice young lady who asked me. and behold teh work.. im quite pleased with teh out come, which is probly why i started on another portait only of a character, rather then an actual person. anywho, yes, comic somtime later in the next few days hopefully. -A

Thursday, September 21, 2006

#20 Work Load Bitterness

yes ive alot of work, this was a quick distraction, now to sludge through physics
i try to get as much done and at 0030 i write a memoir about some stupid event that im suppose to care about. very bitter *shakes fist* and semi unintelligible, so im gonna go back and bury myself in it. ta, ill try for the actual sketches tomorow. -A

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

# 19 Modern Art

a few things, yes, i know i missed sundays strip so hush to the lot of you. but good news is im going to try damn hard to have the next one going up by sat/sun. about something most if not all high schools have to deal with ckl... any way, ya tons is going on, physics work and writing of some memoirs for english (how stupid is that, to have us writing memoirs at sch a young age) as well as other fun things like calc andbio. but yeah, im tired now, im gonna try to finish up my work quick and go to bed. ta -A

Sunday, September 10, 2006

#18 Reflections Off Tainted Water

amazin a second , so much for wensday. this is another one similar to the style seems split wide, so enjoy. wensday for next actual comic. -A

Saturday, September 09, 2006

#17 Alician for Life

Well its a week late and there is a good reason, but im far to distracted to give it, so all i can say is that ill try to get one up by wensday. school started so thats one of teh reasons why thigs have gotten hectic.
for those who dont know there alician lore (the wonderland type) this is referencing alice in wonderlands hatter, as well as the disney's version of cheshire and march hare. so yes, i am a huge alice freak... and anyone who sais it should only be read by children should be institutionalised and be forced to sit next to someone who is eating a sallad that isnt there.
wensday, must try... also, ill show off some of teh other stuff im doing. -A

Friday, September 01, 2006

#16 Summer 06

Well, the beta version of blogger was giving me alot of trouble and as such summer 06 was posted on drunk duck first. but up it goes here now that i got around it. schools a starting so the sleep will be going back to 4-8 hours a night. ill make it a point to have one up every sunday, and if im feeling ambitious, wensdays too, but well see how the year works out . ta -A