Friday, September 29, 2006

#22 Portrait of Matte

so yes, this has been some weird posting, cause blogger was being troublesome again. no matter, its behaving so alls good i suppose. so what actually shouldve been posted was last on the 25th, and this one now. this this is now, my not having school, but a packed weekend should be interesting. we hall see, ive got a new look im going to demo on the next strip so itll be interesting. if only i could spend the same amount of time on the comics as these peices of art. alas. so another picture of matte, this time with her lace scythe. next one in some time. have fun till then.

by the by, my strip is also being hosted on drunk duck here.
problem is (though the lay out is decent , the html i havent dealt with and the sizing isnt what it is here, whihc can be annoying.

ta -A

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