Monday, November 06, 2006

# 23 Hallows Eve Fun

Good evening once again! EC has finally returned from its month and a bit hiatus as i decided i really want to continue the strip, despite rising work. ocotber was a full month and they just keep going but ill be putting stuff up every 7-8 days from the last post, which i feel might work well.

although i havent posted i have been wporking on some images, which will hopefully become wallpapers. how ill post them i dont know but alas, i shall deal with it later. its midnight now, i need to go study for a calc test i have in 10ish hours. chai -A

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Fanny said...

Heyyyy... so I finally got un-lazy, and decided to comment you. Heheh... GODDAMNIT! I just lost. Heh, bet your hissing now :)! Oh well. On to the strip. Very funny. I really liked the jackolanterns. So evil. So, yeah. That's about it. Tonight is the Bob Dylan concert, so maybe I'll call you before that or something.