Friday, November 04, 2005

All Hallows-Eve ( the day after the night of the dead)

ok so as well as being annoyed at the fact that it took me like half an hour to get logged on to this blog thing, i have tests galor, and i have to get good on them. plus i need to do tons of other stuff, i have like a dozen personal projects that i want to finish but have no time. Projects: - recreation of the book ninegates to the kingdom of shadows - more shop stuff - tactics game( though this has been given up long ago, its still in the back of my mind) - 2 books in the works - teaching( my job but beating on little kids is quite exhausting) - and a ton of other shit so after all that, ive got my 6month anneversary with my girlfriend comming up which is important. and school after all that. but back to my original annoyance, yesterday, halloween, one of my favorite times in the year, was an interessting day. after school, three guys circle me , pull an exacto knife on me , then proceed to try and mug me for an ipod which i dont have. i was wearing white headphones similar to an ipods, yes, but in broad day light on a public street in a thin yet full crowd of walking people, these guys are such idiots. oh, and yeah cops were called, my gf dialed in front of the guys and then walked away and they like didnt even care. but alls well as noone harmed, nothing stolen or damaged, just shaken. so life continues. adieu till next time i can log in.. : )

p.s. i teach martial arts, karate , if anyone was currious about the beating comment, and no, i dont "abuse" them, i just push them to thier limits (i teach fighting days) so yeah its painfull for all around , includig myself.

Once you reach your destination, you must either start a new journey or start to die.

Life isn't about death? Where are all born, we live, then we die. What happens in between is up to the individual. If you want to be careless and ignorant, that is your choice. But when death eventually comes, what will you bring with you?Then there are the very few that are not afraid of death. They are prepared and willing to die for their own causes, not somebody else's.


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