Saturday, November 05, 2005


Close Combat Weaponry in Modern Society

Swords are definitly an interessting point and have always had an interessting effect on the surrounding environment. one thing that im always advocating for is the return or swords into modern life. sure, the olny used weapon nowadays are guns and firearms, mainly pistols, but returning swords to the common world could be an interessting step and could have some changes and pathways that might be worthy of anaysis and observation ....

wheres this coming from? think what an busy, crowded street could be like. violence in terms of gangs would be reduced, thats for sure. how you ask? well, if gangs had weapons such as swords, they would A) have to be skilled,trained to avoid cutting themselves up ( and therefor be smarter, hopefully...) or B) be missing limbs and hence, not be gang members and not threats or C) be diswaded from gang related things in general. plus, its a damn site harder to conceal a full length katana then a pocket knife. also, this visablility works for both sides, menaing that the gangs( again, each gang coould have different kinds of swords or blades?) could be identified by their swords. this gives civilians warning, and gangs intimidation and in a sense, power. the problem would then be regulating that power, and then heros and warriors would come into play, etc... all the Old schools of weaponry wold be revived and such things might creat a very different way.

again just a thought, but im not the only place that is voicing this. example? FFVII:advent children had this, as did a few other older movies. ive always loved close ranged medival weaponry as i find firearms are just to impersonal. they require no skill and need no training. think about it, even with a broadsword, youve got to be in good shape to even pick it up, let alone wield it. pistol? any person who can lift a full dictionary can fire a Desert Eagle even ( not bearing recoil and kickback knocking the person off the ground for the momment) they can still fire a shot. and when it comes to guns, one shot, one bullet is all that is needed to end a life. getting that same Anyone to lift a sword that weighs 10-50 pounds, not the same situation.

range is something else. with guns, violence can be accived long range. the gun wielder can disaccociate themselves with the cause that they are creating(death, injury) while this is not the case with a blade. if a cause is being caused, then the wielder must be close enough to the fallen to see what they have done and to sense the person that has been the effected. this also lessens the likely hood of gang members as the majority of human beings cannot dela with the reality of taking another life, hence why war destorys so many, most after wars themselves have ended.

with the reinclution of CCW(close combat weaponry ei swords) in the mordern world, many more changes then stated would happen. millitary and law enforcement would also be trained in CCW. smithies and forgers as well as crafts men who could create CCW would be flooding the economy, as well as an entire sector to trainig of skill, such as schools, dojos and monestaries.

but thats enough for the momment, i shall continue this later if i am seo inspired. A.

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