Monday, November 14, 2005

A world of numbers

I have come upon the realisation, in my humble wisdom (something that amounts to very little at the momment) that numbers are one of the sole reasons why our worlds society is so screwed in the head. our entire lives revolve around numbers that are , what, supposed to represent people to the outside world? granted , people who need a representation quickly, this IS usefull, but in the same time it takes to process all these numbers that are supposed to mean something, you could sit down and actually talk to the person.

and they supposedly do what as a benefit? they certainly dont help the people who the numbers are supposed to represent. they certainly dont help those who have to assigning numbers to the select few that, in their minds, "deserve" a higher number in accordance to some ancient rule set down eons ago. these numbers dont help those their designed for , the people whos lives are supposed to be simplified by these godly figues, digits that fuel hatred, spawn grief and anguish, all becasue, its supposed to be better? for who? the people who have to decide who will be better pigeon holed? people, even though we try as hard as possible to do it, cant be fitted, we cant be catagorized. there is no clear number. 3, 6, 8 , 100, what are wasting our lives over? we knock down those who have commited vast atrocities, yet we dont even agknoledge that we have taken their system and did it one better. how great is the difference from a social security number, employee id, student number, these things that will never leave, even when we die, how are these so different from those other horrid numbers that were so cruely seared into the skin of those unfortunate enough to be born at a certain time and pllace ?

our so called civilized society, o so great and modern. we never would do anything like those we have condemmened in the past. what we will do is adopt their system, but hide it,, deconstruct it, then biuld it to suit our own pruposes. who dares to take off the name tag that states out happily to the world " Hi, My name is (hgdkfajdhg) and my employee number is _____-_____-___--____. Please report me if i help you." who dares pocket the student id that allows you access to the knowledge of the world. simply because i wish to learn and i do not wish to live under your world of digits, why should i be escorted out of the building, this institution of learning you call it?, because i am not carrying one of YOUR numbers? that is of course if im still allowed to walk freely without regestering my number at each door, hallway and corner i walk through. At least those who had it permantly inscribed were freed from the shackles of the digits when they passed. ours follw us for eons...

no longer is the time when all that mattered was that you had will to do, now, if you dont do more then you should, you are left fallen. and what of those who benefit from the system?

those are seen every where. all those who were fortunate to go unnoticed yet still survie the crush of 7,8, and 9s. they are those who are considered smart, the ones who are revereed yet still shunted aside, who are we to shunt anyone ? we who are but numbers in sea oof mindless data.

This business is living organism Multiplying constantly surrounded by predators There's no rule for idle time or second guessing, New discovery was made hourly. New ideas are ready to be devored and redefined. This business is binary you are a one or a zero, alive or dead

After all, the only thing that seperates a president of a company from the teen behind the counter who serves him coffee is that he was given a 0 instead of a 1.Yet that 1 will die knowing infinitly more then that 0 could even possibly grasp.

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