Friday, November 04, 2005

Riddles and iddles, Vols and other grammer mistakes

here be riddles for the masses

You eat something you neither plant nor plow. It is the son of water, but if water touches it, it dies.

Bury deep,
Pile on stones,
Yet I will
Dig up the bones.

Round she is, yet flat as a board
Altar of the Lupine Lords.
Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea
Unchanged but e'erchanging, eternally.

and my personal favorite which no-one has guessed yet:

Though all answer to me, i am the most patient.
I grant life to all and yet that is not my job.
I travel throughout the world almost instantly,
but im always still as a frozen lake.And throughout all of my life,
i am the sole to not fear myself, as i understand what i do.

Man do i like that last one, took me forever to think of. anywho as a random note, ive been playing with varios things as always, one of those things is a book to write. now this is no new idea for me, problem is i have so many thoughts that their not focused on one subject, though they perhaps could be, to publish examples are as follows:
- Vol 1 . Books of Life (phlosophy for the masses)
- Strategy and tactics^2 (squared) : Shotokan ring sparring
- Reflections of the Alicians (analysis/comentary on Alice{wonderland,looking glass alice} in modern life)
- Ji Yulah ( introduction to martial arts form Ji Yulah)
- short story anthology
- other

other being something else. so all these show promise, and is a fair bit of work which i dont have at the momment as i have massive amounts of school yet i still have time to rant here and do other stuff, go figure. yeah so maybey ill write a book it is on my list of things to do in my lfe time. so thats this thought anyway

that be all

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