Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Goriac's Rant

Echo's Corner is proud to present a line of rants and random other crud from authors other then myself. Today's contrivbution is given to me by Goriac, a good friend.

Cheers, -A

Why is it that we're constantly being manipulated by fear?Someone simply can't take the iniative to say: "hey wait a minute, this is wrong!" or is it the fact that they've lost the balls to say so. If we are to commit such acts we then are in fear of the exploitation by the media and politicions and those of religious influence. No one decides to ban together to get something like this done even though freedom of speech says we can speak freely and be heard farily. Our problem is, all though some one is listening there not going to do anything about it, they don't care what we think they run the world! Big whoop spend some money see what happens lord knows you have more than you need on that salary.

Why is it that if kid's listen to there parents all the time, that when the time comes for them to say something the parents won't listen?A family has rolls but there are know rules on equality, in fact there are almost no rules in family just that they try to work together to acheive some kind of goal. No one really knows what the goal is, it's only years later when the parents see there kid making a living do what they did do they so what they have done. That is not to say that this is always the case, parenting is far from a perfect thing even from those who are good to there children.

Why is it that I am doomed never to forgive a party for having a platform that is consistantly against my own beliefs? They then have the right not to forgive me. We've both learned something but don't understand each other. There will always be a dispute on some issue but let it be a dispute rather than a war. Killing someone is the extreme and is often a resultant when the problem is not solved and the dispute has gone on long engouh. Let someone judge this dispute with a third party mind, make sure that they are not biased in anyway that there decision is strictly based on facts benefiting the commonwealth of people within the society. Do not take for granted what anyone has to say whether true or false you can fine meaning and motive all at the same time.

Why does everything have to be talked to in such depth? Simple no one wants a straight answer they are always looking for something more so that in some way it will appeal to them. They can counter things by saying these things against there own beliefs but they are clouded by the possible benefit of the whole collective rather than just looking out for themselves in survival.

Later Vader,

- Goriac

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