Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It'll be up tomorow,atethrie's gotta wake up before 1pm tomrorow

sorry it cant go up tonight, but ive realised that better looking comics actually take time, and seeing as i need to be up tomorow at an early hour to make a phone call, i need to sleep before 5 like i did last night, cause of # 12. so, next ones called Clean Up, and itll be out tomorow ish, and may even be in colour! astounding i know. im still playing with things and tweaking looks till i find something that i like and fits my style. i still like the sketched look, but the pen with sketched shade is also nice, and if i can get some shading and clenaing learned for photoshop, then ill do more colour ones. yeah, thats my rant for the night, i go sleep soon,
ta -A

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