Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 356

I’m done. My exams are over. My term is over. This term I worked hard. I went to class, did practice questions, studied, and actually tried to do well. Of course, this is higher education I’m talking about so all that doesn’t mean shit if karma is on my side. Hobbie-ho let’s go. I’ll look at my marks first day back in Hamilton. When the new term begins. In the mean time I’m back in the City and will soon be abandoned for a week by friends flying out of country. What is a guy to do? For starters my alarm is set for noon. After that I plan on reading. Being merry, having a good time, etc. Holiday festivities.
A good evening out tonight. If you’re around Main and Kingston, check out Grover’s pub. It was a surprisingly comfy atmosphere with a sauce on the chicken wing s that is truly haunting. We knew we’ve had that sauce before but it didn’t stop us buying another basket. Anyway, it ended with an interesting and intrinsic question.
What makes you happy?
Not what you’re supposed to feel happy about. Your house, your car, your toys, your significant other, your past glory. What are the immediate things that make you willing to sacrifice your life to feel that good again?
Is it the sight of your partner lying next to you when you wake up in the morning? Does the vapour coming off the top of a cup of freshly brewed coffee make you ready to face the days? Regardless of everything in our lives that thwart our attempts at happiness, what are the small actions, the little things that we can do to be happy, for a brief instant, every day?
If your life isn’t what you want it to be, and you don’t want to risk a change, and then start with what you are responsible for, with your happiness.
If nothing else this holdiay, we should try to learn how to be happy.

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