Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 354

I blink with my eyes closed. The world is dark. Even if I were to open my eyes, the darkness would prevail. I scream and nothing comes out of my closed mouth. I breathe in deep and smell nothing, not the stale air nor the walls around me. I stand up ion shaky legs. I can’t see, can’t smell, and can’t even hear my own body moving. I feel numb. I know I’m moving but I’m not sure. I move my legs, or think I do. I start to run, to move my legs faster then I thought possible. I run as hard as I can, the ground moving beneath my feet. I run as if I’m being chased by the fastest nightmare that ever shook its black mane. I keep expecting to run into a wall, the crushing impact to stop me dead in my tracks, but it never comes. The ground changes under my feet, sometimes it rises, and sometimes it falls. More then once I’ve been brought to my knees, but I just get up and keep running. I don’t know what I’m running form, but it seems better then trudging away from whatever it is. I imagine wind flying past me as I race one through the dark, but I feel no wind. There’s momentum behind me running on the spot. My mouth is thirsty, but even my saliva has no taste. I keep running. I don’t know when but whatever feeling I thought I had is gone. I’m imagining myself moving silently through a shadow. No taste, no touch, no sight, no scent, and no sound. How else am I going to reach the End?

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