Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 349

The day spent studying for econ. Again. I tried to go to sleep early so as to wake up. That didn’t work. Not that I slept late, I’m not sleeping at all. It’s the early morning and I’m wide awake. Serves me right for trying to sleep early I suppose and by early I mean it’s nearing 5 ish, so dawn’s in a few hours and if I did get to sleep it’d last 2 hours before alarms. So after an hour or two of lying in bed accomplishing little more then heating my comforter, I said fuck it and pulled a book to me.
And reading was excellent. I tried every hour or so to get to sleep, but here I am now sitting at my keyboard, wide awake. But the reason I’m here was more a tangent and an idea spawn from within.
“Everyone is horny to be fucked.” Fun sentiment, and stereotypically speaking, never more present then here at an institution of higher learning. Can I get a “Hell Yeah!” for floorcest? No? Whatever, back to the point.
Point was that my mind mixed economics with sex. For those of you, who have only a fleeting glance or cursory knowledge of what economics is, hold on a second, but it isn’t the final way of making sex boring. One of the few things about economics that I do enjoy is game theory. But I’ll get to that later. Economics breaks down, in the simplest of terms, to supply and demand. So my mind, took a few more steps down that road.
University is filled with people like me, unlike me and everything in between. There are students on campus who want sex. There are those who have sex. There are those who find relationships and those who take the woo-girl approach and grab the one night stands. And there are those who ignore that aspect of life completely and fuck up our bell curves. No matter.
So! Social experiment time. If I throw up some posters around campus, provide a supply, will the demand respond? It’s a curious thought. I’m not thinking prostitution, and little more then random matchmaking, but this came out of a personal interest that was discussed some time ago. Just run with it for now.
When trying to organize a threesome, where do you find additional parties, if you can’t use people you know? Nowadays the immediate answer is a fleeting glance towards the internets. Craigslist, kijiji, facebook, etc all those wonderful services which *should* be providing an efficient supply/demand equilibrium, but fail to do so ever so spectacularly. To quote a piece of spam I got recently:
“Your not alone. True: 90% of criaglist dating postings are bots. True: 5% of the real girls on criaglist are old and fat. True: The other 5% of real girls are sexy and looking to make out. But they get so many messages that YOUR message might not stand out in the flood If you hope to find real girls, criaglist is not the place.”
They suggested Facebook of Sex. Who says spam can’t be useful AND entertaining.
But it raised a cute point. If online is out, for fear of those who lurk behind shady ip’s, and picking people up at a bar is a thing for generations past then that leaves clubs and other. Clubs would be more spur of the moment alcohol induced rather then planned, so I’m looking at other. Specifically, media on campus.
Now at my place, McMaster, there are a few forms of current media that touches the student population. The campus newspaper, The Sil, chalk writing thrown around walkways grounds and walls, and poster boards run by the Poster Monkeys.
So here’s a thought. I’ll make a simple add, something akin to the vaguest personal in the classifieds (interested in casual sex and or threesome? Call…) and throw them up around campus. See what comes of it.
Worst comes, nothing happens and it’ll be five dollars of photocopied paper spent. The payoff far outweighs the costs.
Run it up the flag post. I’m curious to see how the university reacts. High probability of apathy and not even noticing, but what if…
My Exam’s at 9am, leaving me with 3 hours of free time.

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