Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 352

A late night seizes the day. I remember one time when I wanted to right a short story of Jonathan Coulton’s song “creepy doll”. Definitely short story as the entire song tells the story well, and it’s four minutes even. Still, maybe its my love of antiquing or respect to Lovecraft, but it definitely held some promise.
On a compltely unrelated note, girl gamers are hawt. And I mean that with all the emphasis a penguin could flap. On another story, Super princess Peach is my new hero. It’s an okay platformer, but anything that makes a girl forget they’re naked and hypnotizes them to the point where I can go make food, come write and still nothings changed, is my friend.
Another add tangent away, I’m thinking of coming to the City come Tuesday eve. I can honestly say the thing I look forward to most in my week and a half of break is the food. One of my biggest annoyances with the area I live in is how little variety in the food. The City presents thai, Chinese, greek, home and lists of others. Oh and coconut rice from fusion. Can’t ever forget that place after last summer. Those guys are awesome.

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