Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 3

The snow falls fast around them, swirling in circles. It flurries and amasses it, pummeling them, trying to get in between them, to break them apart. The snow wants them separate, alone, where it can wrap them in ice, cold and alone. The snow lightens for a few minutes, trying a new tact. Perhaps they will break apart from each other; perhaps the storm is what drove them together. The snow tells the wind to soften, and it does, down to a gentle breeze. Its streaks of movement vanish as quick as they came up. The snow falls gently around them, waiting for the moment to strike, to get in between them. They keep walking down the street. The laughter now flits through the air, threading through the winter afternoon. The snow grows furious. Their laughter insulting, the snow draws itself up in roar, crashing down its might on them. They are blanketed by wave after wave, a cold deluge of solid snowflakes. They pull each other closer still. The snow screams into the sun, filling the air so thick that they can’t see more than a few feet in front of them. Shrieking with the wind, the snow flies off, away from they who giggle to each other. The wind leaves them be. They walk on through the light snow falling on their hair and shoulders. The sun starts to shine.

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