Friday, January 01, 2010

Day 1

A new year. Four hours of sleep at midday. A year closing off with soft skin and smiles. A new year beginning with games and food. Tomorrow I’m going back to my home, to another term of school. I’m not sure what’s to come. I’m content. In between satisfied and happy, more to the former then the latter. I think it a worthy goal to move towards happiness, but at what cost? When do you divide up your world and limit your happiness as a function of other peoples? Why can’t there be more Dorian Gray’s in the world? And why hasn’t there been a Dorian Gray where the lead is female? I guess that’d just be playing into stereotype then. Its poignant when a male sells his soul for youth and beauty but when a woman does it its expected and trite. Insulting to both sexes. Sleep comes soon. I finished my books. My break is coming to a close. The week and a half flew by in a wonder. Where next? what’s next?

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