Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Process to teaching Karate

The Process of Preparing to Teach Karate

Many thanks Brandy, so many memories of classes... ckl - A

#1) Hastily unlock the door to the building with the master key (he trusts me eh? :D ) before placing the key back into your pocket.

#2) Scramble down the stairs and hope to God that you are not late for the first class.

#3) Kick off your shoes and shove them carelessly onto the rack.

#4) Open the flap to the electricity box, flick on the lights, then push it back securely so that no kid plays with the lighting while you teach.

#5) Trudge to the change room as quickly as possible so that you look prepared and ready to teach when the parents finally do arrive.

#6) Twist in your locker combination, bang on the door repeatedly when the locker fails to open the first time, then try again when you regain your patience.

#7) When the lock has finally released sigh heavily as you ditch your street clothes in the back of the metal encasing and put on your “gie” a.k.a. karate uniform.

#8) Laugh triumphantly as you emerge from the change room and take a quick glance at your watch, seeing that you have five minutes to spare and no one has arrived yet.

#9) Slump in the chair behind the office and pick up an old dirty magazine to read entitled “The Martial Arts Extreme”.

#10) 15 minutes later begin to worry why nobody showed up for the first class.

#11) Realize that it’s Sunday today, and that there aren’t any classes.

#12) Repeat steps one to nine the very next day, this time actually coming when you are really needed.

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