Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sorry and NY w000000t!

first things first, many apologies that i havent been able to update this in ages, but ive been extrememly busy with this , that, and the other ( you know the one im talking about : p ) ive been doing tons lately, trying to get out of the house and away fom my past which has slightly worked. ive got mountains of work, as always, but other as well. im actually going eally strong through my book and might actually post some, of it, if i ever get around to typing it up.

*news* The erotica fic i promised a few people a while ago is actually really close to completion, i found a draft in the back of my BlackBook the other day and it doesnt look to bad, though i want to go into more detail in a few parts. *

on another fun note, my march break wa rather awsome with my going to new york with my dad. twas tons of fun and exhausting. did anyone know that a street corner can become tighter packed then a mosh pit? st. patricks day has fun to walk aroudn the city during, tons and tons of drunken people and many opportunites, damn my *&%&^# code.

kk, im tored and needing to to some work later so im going off, hopefully ill put something else up soon, skallebuskallada,


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