Friday, August 12, 2011

UtD - Hagakure

Ep 2 of Under the Desk now up on blip!, also youtube, but blip!

No such luck on the sharpies, but a new process for doing things, which worked better.  time ran a bit long but, as they say, it's a process.

Next UtD will be Bioshock: Rapture, which i need to finish.  yay, a good reason to actually spend some free time reading! Wooo!
In other news, It was my friends birthday earlier, so one more happy birthday before i move on to the next topic.  

The actual blip site is coming along.  i want to redo some of the banners with some sporadic colour and some cleaned up drawings, but at the same time, the charm, to me, is that their representative of teh content.  maybe i'll clean them up some...

Another thought was looking into Adobe Premiere or another video editor.  windows movie maker is...painful to use.  much like photoshop, i imagine Premiere has a learning curve, but hopefully it'll i can get used to.  

I'd like to make a font of my script to use as my word base.  Need to look into font builders.

I should do some writing.  And Sunday i have to run again.  And i have to buy climbing shoes.  And-and-and-

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