Thursday, August 25, 2011


  There's a certain something that makes me dislike joggers.  it isn't the actual act of jogging, nor is it the fact that they're like clockwork, or the houses that they jog.  i think it stems from the gear they use and the loook thy keep about them.  the mana sized water ampules set in utility harnesses on their bodies, the skin tight clothing leaving nothing *shiver* to imagination, all of it cries out wrong.  maybe it's because i don't believe jogging should be a 'thing' at all.  running is good.  sprinting is good.  both are useful, both practical, even in today's transport heavy society.  jogging, not so much.  if you're going to the corner store, you might walk, or if its important (your cake/other tricky baked paraphernalia will fall if you don't get more butter into it NOW) run, but jog?  not likely.  similarly, if pursued by a horror movie slasher or a velocraptor or fundraising sales rep, running is a useful skill to have trained.  jogging, not so much.  jogging is the idea of long distance travel by foot at a quicker pace than a walk, presumably to outpace and outlast the animals taht would eat you back in the day.  now we have transportation.  and if you need to get somewhere in a hurry, you would run, and rely on that stamina as opposed to a slower stamina sap.  
  And these thoughts have nothing to do with the fact that i'm going running tomorrow.  early.  gods will it be aggravating to get up that early.  
  Moving on, finished storyboards for tomorrows vids, definitly got a better process, a pity i started so late this week, but i still intend to have another episode of UtD up tomorrow, it just ight be later than usual.  than, cottage!  huzzah!
  Almost went to FanExpo today, but couldn't bring myself to wait ANOTHER two hours in the line i was in.  the day had to go on.  still, i think i'll get more into the con scene more in the future.  i like the enthusiasm and freedom of the people.  also, excuse to wear cat ears and a collar, so yeah.
  I think that's all for the moment.   oh, looking into getting a site to pull everything to a single place.  will advise as that goes.
 Bai bai

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