Monday, July 24, 2006

# 8 Go do your chem

A new record to say the least, 2 in one night, though one day late and one was from awhile ago...but no matter! What matters is taht im getting a better style thats more me and less other random places thrown together in an effort to make my random doodles look decent-ish. so here we gots Michel and Roy, yet again. I'm seriously going to try to put one out every sat/sun that way itll be somewhat constant. This one was actually planed for about 4 down the line, but alas the 4 are built uponeach other so that is kinda how its working out. ive posted #3 last, and i need to go study for chem (guess what course im taking during the summer) so I'll be passing with good enough mark on my last test 'fore my exam on wensday... on the other hand sleep would be good too... -A

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