Monday, July 24, 2006

#5 Ewwww

kk, several people have been asking about #5 which i finished on may 1st (and hung on my wall) but apparently forgot to post. oh well. so instead of putting up the one i promised sunday (intro feat matt and tiff) im putting up 2 tonight, monday, although, as i glance at the clock, it turns out to be really, really early tuesday morning. the two people here are Roy (wearing the Pizza and Prtractor shirt) and Jakou (with the glasses). ive realised its kinda hard to introduce people into this thing with having an acual introduction for them, but oh well, ill work around it somehow. most likely ill cheat and use the intro strip to do more then one character...hmmmm.. or whatever. meh, ive got a second one after this so thats all for this one -A

p.s. for those of you who arent forced to take grade 10 science (when i think i first knew what it meant) it just shows your not enough of a chem nerd :P

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