Sunday, October 30, 2005

Starting up

Post numero one

well, this is something new for me so im just going to go with the flow. though i suppose most people have purposes to these things( or not, who knows these things) im going to fill this with anything i feel like. starting off, im going to plug both my shops, because, why shouldnt i?

so now that thats out of the way, i feel like a rant, and man are their so many things to rant about. stating off at the top off my list is the amount of work i have, followed by for the education system is slowly destroying society, followed by tons of other random crap that nobody really wants to listen to. oh well, this is really for my benifit above anyone elses, i mean camon, who will actually read this thing i wonder, its not like im some hot shot famous celebrity that has people rapt on every word i say, im just going on about random stuff and hopefuly, ill have a fun time and accomplish somthing along the way.yeah, so that it for the first, ill post a pic ture i think, maybey something nice like my logo...

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