Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wonderland Complex

The current build is mostly the ground layer of the world.  the maps are all in place, as are a few of the memories.  none of the voice work is done, and minimal text and events are done.  transfers was where i left off, so some doors lead where they should, others...do not.  kind of an apt analogy for the complex itself.  this project is going on hiatus , everything's being burnt so i've a backup and the file is being moved.  i haven't done work on it in 3 weeks now.  the motivation is gone, despite the finish line being in sight.  i have the pans to finish, i just need the motivation.  hopefully, next time i get the strong push to build a game, i'll finish this one.  First game project ECS takes on and it doesn't reach the ship stage.  better luck next time.  I've learned a ton from this project.

Wonderland Complex
Jan 2011 - Apr 2011


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