Thursday, March 31, 2011

EC Studios

I find myself branching a few different projects into an actual group as of late, and as such i've set up anotehr email to deal with it and all EC related work, etc. 
Echo's Corner Studios
That's all for teh momment, my current project is taking up a good slog of time.  I'm working on part 6 of Awakening, other writing and Wonderland Complex, the game that's being built.  all in all, busy days.  hopefully some content put up again within the next week.  I'll try to put a link up for the most recent build of Wonderland Complex, as more playtesting is always better than less.
Also, Under the Desk, book review ala crude picture montage, is underway, after a long time stagnation.  Many thanks to the three inspirations; The Spoony One, Yahtzee, and Daniel Floyd.  That should be up in the next few weeks if i can get it done.  So much on the horizon, so much fun. 

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