Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Bridge Wars and RPG VX

Once again i find myself reinstalling the program, building a world i already built which somehow got lost.  a few years ago i put in a few months of free summer time into RPGVX in efforts to build the island of Jaren, bordering Lilon within the Nonaverse.  that being done i moved onto characters plot, event mapping etc.  i don't know where it went but my files of the project disappeared over the spanning years so that all i'm left with is my long hand notes and a theme song Enigmachina made for the project.
So here i am playing around in the program again, a different story lingering in mind, fully aware that whatever time i sink into this will most likely be for not as the story's still to expansive.  The Bridge Wars spans three countries/continents and came out of the domain class'e that i randomly designs skill tiers for.  i'd proly have far better luck writing out snippets of the story.  perhaps i'll do that.
Then again, just mapping out the islands is a good feeling. i think its the catharsis of pulling unfinished projects back into the foreground.
we shall see how things go...

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