Monday, April 17, 2006

Some stuff on shinigami

kk, the book im writing revolves around shinigami so i was talking to di and i got started and started out on huge list so im throwing it up here, any who reads this,come ask questions,

first compagny of the orintal shinigami

first compagny is lokated in the moutain region of the koga mountains, (china ish) head of first is lex, followed by both hikary and josef as secondarys. lex is water element,, and the figure head of the three compagnies. Hikaru has no elemenatl affiliation, but is a shadow user (i have the seal developed, w00t!) much like CC, who was actually taught by CC, while he was traveling through the Orient. josef is water element also, though not as focused, he relies heavily on physical toned,intense speed and skill. his tradmark weapons are throwing knives, his scythe is dormant, unlike the blades of lex, which is a complete blade, which he uses as a main weapon, and hikaru's which is smaller but oddly shaped, more of a flipped katana with a long handle

on Hikaru-Aneki's shadow art and arts/essences in general

CC, who has the highest level of shadow use, is the main school of tha art,
all of the arts rely on forming congnitive thought around channeling the shinigami essence.
to understand any of the arts, we have to look at how there preformed

every form has an energy that is seperate from their physical forms, people (hman that is) have named this energy many things, ex. spirit, essence, soul, life force, mana, chi, chakra, etc... anywho, human essence is a heavy medium, which is why there are so few ho can form their will into tangible feats, these are rare and are usually killed off fairly quicly, through persecution of the public (withcraft)
the essence of shinigami's on the other hand, is a lighter medium, or at least less dense. this allows it to be manipulated more easily.

it is said that in some humans people can "feel" an aura about them, i know that a few martial art teachers ive had have had such auras, this is an overpowering of the essence. an excellant grasp of the essence in humans is aikido, where distributuion of the bodys weight and energy produces staggering results, such as through someone against a wall with a flick of a finger
in shinigami, the same effect happens, but as the medium is more free flowing, it can be channeled more cognitively, and at greater distance form the body
your choice of shadow art works like this: the term shadow is knid of a paradox, as what is really being controlled is the light particles, rather then the lack of light particles. the essence is exerted out of the body to these particles, which are then formed into movement.

this seems very small , and it is, but on a large scale it works like this. Hikaru-Aneki forms seal with hand [ the seals have no actual use by the by, they are simply a reminder of the training and mental state and act as an aid. for this reason some sinigami do not use any seals as they find them pointless as their minds are more adept and no not need the physical link to their memory ] and channels her essence into the desired area. she shes the desired action in her minds eye and "wills", forces her essence, to create said result. hence, Shadow bind (seal point in direction of the person who is being bound) forces the particles of light to wrap around the wrist of the person effected and forces the arms behind their back in an x, and binds the arms until they are releasd

kk, whoa, shall put up more, the more i have to rite, happy bday to di, who turned 16, 71 minutes ago. -A

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